Thursday, June 4, 2009

Round and round

If I look at life I feel like everything around me is round. We live our lives in orbits. Even if we wish it were not like this, we do. We live our lives like the planets around us. We like to think that we are on a journey which rolls out like a long rope in going forever outwards and onwards. We simply do not see that the rope leads back to the beginning.

Of course these circles of our existence can be very large or very small. Some people I know have very small circles. I am told by those movers and shakers I know that apparently some people they know ( and they themselves of course) seem to have lives so vast that they are limitless in their potential and possibilities. But, I believe these people are mistaken. I have not met anyone with a life like that nor have I felt this yet. My opinion follows from my recognition now that I am back at the beginning or where I was some 30 years ago, my orbit is small to moderate but still a circle. I keep it that way or it is kept that way- either way, it's outside my orbit to experience such knowledge.

The most overwhelming aspect to this theory of mine is that it is really our mind that is in the loop. We go over an over the same things time and again. We do this and we are powerless to stop it. Adding to this, the outside world of our existence seems to be synchronized to our mind. Our mind doesn't even allow for us to escape the loop because even the most chaotic of environments cannot break the hold it has on keeping us in our totally circular state.

We are literally in a spin and it's the spin we're in.

I could have finished this little rave with the last line. But I am going to drag it out. I will do this because I want you to see something which you may have missed.

All of my posts are circular. Read back and you will see that they all wind their way back. Everything I write shoots off on some unknown trajectory only to return and to bite me on the bum. See! It is doing it right here!

Some may see the things I write as unanswerable musings. I see them as unanswerable circles. And this my friends is how I see life and death for that matter. One big or little circle in one vast universal circle

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