Saturday, June 13, 2009


The movie was great for action and also in evoking pride in the difference it is to be human vs being machine. But let's face it- we really would prefer to be machines. Just imagine- never needing sleep. Being able to work non-stop. Being as productive as a machine. Knowing the answer as quickly as a computer. Not needing sex- well it's a great sensation but the urge is distracting us from work. Machines are all about work. We are all about avoiding work. What a perfect relationship we have with them. But we now face a future of being able to become part machine. And we already embrace it by having a computer.

So where am I going with this?

I like to be random. Machines are not good at random. They can pretend to be random with computers doing random number generation. But we humans are masters of randomness. We will also be totally unpredictable at times. Machines are always predictable if they are in good order. We can be in good order yet be totally unpredictable in our response to just about anything. And within our species we have gender. And the most unpredictable member of our species would be the woman. Women are the most human of human. They are the most difficult of all creatures. They operate magically I am sure. If you are with one you will know what I mean.

But here is another weird and wonderful thing about the modern world. If it comes to a choice between having wild sex with a woman or playing a kick arse computer game many will choose the game. Picture this: Woman lying in bed calling to boyfriend to come and do the thing. Man at machine battling some totally challenging monster on the computer/xbox/playstation thingy. The usual response is- he can't just yet. See the preference is a machine experience. Even the most enjoyable of human experience is rejected in preference to a machine experience.

We have been terminated and we don't even realise it.

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