Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Travel

This small statement is simply amazing: Sex is fun. I will give you a moment to think about that before I give you the actual small statement that I wish you would really think about. I am going to build it up a bit beforehand however. If I don't then you will just skate over it like it means nothing. I am really making a point here. Stop skating over things. I don't so why should you. It's plain rude to give every bloody thing that anyone ever writes such short sparse attention. Pay attention for once. Pay attention.

Do I have your attention. No I don't. You are not ready. You are still fidgeting. I feel like a bloody school teacher here. Imagine I throw a piece of chalk at you. Pay attention. Nope. You're still not listening. Are you?

What do I have to do to keep you focused on what I am about to write? Is there anything? Nope. You will just read it and you will just up and forget it straight away won't you. You know why? Because sex is fun. This is the only thing that holds your attention isn't it?

I really can't do much to help you hold onto what I am going to write other than to say if you do you will be able to know who you're going to sleep with in the future. Now have I got you interested?



Our thoughts travel in all directions in time----including the future. We therefore do travel in time outside the bodily one second for one second. The thoughts you think can foretell your future. It's not that they really foretell the future they are your future.

Go ahead and think about that. For a few seconds. Bye

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