Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An inspiration

I went to a funeral today. It was the most inspiring funeral I have ever been to. Rebekah was a young woman 29 years of age who died from pneumonia. Rebekah was struck by a car at age 7 and survived. When I say survival she was left unable to walk; unable to talk and with only one good arm and her eyesight out of one open eye. She was left confined to a wheelchair from the age of 7 for the rest of her short life. And even when faced with her recent battle for life she fought- she fought to the very end. She baffled the doctors who thought she was at an end when they switched off their machines. She fought for three days. She was a fighter, an inspiration, and I am humbled by her. As a father my heart goes to Colin her dad. He stayed true to her and at her side right through her life and at the end he stated that it was an honour to be her father. He too is a hero.

There are great people in our community. We simply have to look around and stop reading and listening to all the negative crap fed to us by media.

Now, I'm an overthinker as all well know but this remarkable young woman's life is truly beyond any thought I could possibly think. Her courage and her love for life is beyond description. I simply do not have the words.

By this I have been brought to being speechless and I am away on a road trip for the next two weeks. It will probably take me this long to restore my overthought and come up with my usual rubbish.

Have a good rest- I will. And Rebekah Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contradiction spotting

Some are only satisfied when they have tripped another person up. It's their sport to observe people in great detail in order to pick the glitches in their thoughts. for most of us, it's very difficult to be consistent and things keep changing to make it even more so. And to have these people poised and ready to pounce as you talk is a real pain . And don't you just hate that self satisfied and smug look they get on their face when they in fact pick you up on one? They never offer anything new themselves by the way. That would mean they may suffer our same fate of contradicting themselves. They are waiting for you to trip up. They will constantly correct any conversation looking for loopholes in your opinions: small chinks in your logic flow; errors in facts; anything they can to find fault in your words. They are the classic difficult personality. Their scorn for those who put out their opinions is boundless. This is because they really have no opinions of their own or they are too gutless to put them out there. So they remain judgmental types known as the passive aggressive ---plenty of 'em.

Some of us stand up and lead though. The corrections and bickering are like the turmoil we leave in our wake. Life happens behind us- like the ocean liner we move ever forward.

Fast or slow

I have just realised what Twitter is about. It's for fast wisecracking to the world. So that's it. In a fast world it is perfect. No waffle- edit straight to the point. People haven't the time to read or write in too much detail in the frantic life they lead.

So I will try and edit my stuff down so that I become more modern whenever possible from now on. Fit my thoughts into an SMS style here on Overthinking and I may be seen as relevant again. I lost my mojo because people I know became suddenly aware that the stuff I write is long winded and what they consider insultingly personal. Now I will make my blog tight and punchy. You know. Modern. Must be modern. Modern................. no! I don't wish to be modern. I like slow. I like taking my time. I like doing the things people consider a waste of time. I'm not modern.

I just had this thought: People are frantic in their need to speedily read short grabs on life when on the internet. And their fingers can't move quickly enough on the keyboard if they are to type anything. But in book world, it is totally the opposite. For example' they will read Harry Potter books and Twilight books. These books are extremely thick and pure fantasy. Yeah. Many will waste their time sometimes. Just not on the internet. Because they must keep up with the environment. The machine environment.

So here's today's quick wisecrack-----------------

Guess what?------- I haven't got one. I'm too slow.

Off the face

I've been chased off.

Due to negative response from various " Facebook friends " I have stopped the feed and taken down my notes. See what a little note about that Twilight phenomenon can do. This with mention of God was enough to terrify certain people in my orbit. Wow! They really don't like anyone freely venting their inner musings on things.


If any of you come over here then you do so at your own risk. Now I am leaving you alone and not disturbing your faces on Facebook , you are obliged to leave me alone to my lemony looks at life here on Overthinking. Facebook is yours but this is my domain so back off!! This is mine all mine ha ha haaaa. I will write whatever the hell I like to write here so don't even try to stop me!!!

ooow. I feel so much like a naughty little boy-- sneaking off to have some fun---this is exciting--lonely, but exciting!.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No more angst ?

I looked back over my recent posts and I have to say some display angst. Heaven forbid! I think I have been sucked in by it. I'm gonna lighten up. I must get back to the early days of this opus where I was a funny little chap who loved commenting on the (yawn) little things in life in a light hearted way. (Yawn) ( Zzzzzzzzzzz) Oh yeah. That's why the angst. I was falling asleep writing. Angst is the way of the world. Happy-fluffy is the way to boredom.

Also this blog is getting weighed down with me explaining activities here. Certain people are reading a lot of problems into my creative musing. As if anyone should give a shit. And if they do then they haven't understood anyway. I thought I put it all in the title. Particularly the bit about the twist of lemon.

Explaining myself is a pain- I've never liked it. It's like having to explain why a joke is funny. Maybe my posts aren't funny but I shouldn't have to explain them or answer to observers of my thoughts. But I do. We are defensive creatures- like it or not. We can't help ourselves.

This was-- as are all the other posts--just thoughts without conclusions with a twist of lemon. Much like most thoughts that just happen. I put them down on this blog- then they are gone; replaced by another thought and on it goes. No control; just observation and records. No meaning- just a captured occurrence at the time. I let them out for my own amusement and hopefully the amusement of others. Coz I like to share. And I love lemon.

So all you loved one's out there. Stop worrying about me. I am happily mad with a twist of lemon. Life's great, with a twist of lemon.

Seriously now

Some people are shocked by the content of my blog. They actually think it is serious. It may be of course but I have to say mostly it is about having fun and releasing thoughts- some dark some light; some funny some pitiful. I am from a long line of shit-stirrers. It was among my father's favourite hobbies alongside drinking of course. I prefer to just stir without the drinking however. Those who treats this as an insight into how stuffed up I am growing will be unpleasantly surprised. I am far more meek and boring than these words would have you believe. This is me with my superman outfit on.

Geez it's hard to have fun these days. Can't even do a bit of harmless writing for the possible enjoyment of others and self without upsetting someone's apple cart. Where's the humour gone in this world? Why must we be so bloody polite all the time? We gotta be so correct these days it nearly makes me puke.

The net is total anarchy and I like that it is. This blog is my anarchy- pretty wimpy though don't you think?

Now that's cleared up, I'll be back with more nonsense at some ungodly hour tomorrow.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creative nuts

Creativity is linked to Schizophrenia.

Well that's it then. I knew it. I am mad. No getting away from it now the research is in. I thought I was talking to God or rather I thought God was talking to me. But no. I'm just a schizo. Now I have established that fact all I have left to do is find out the reason for all those coincidences ( I call them strangelets in an earlier post remember). Then I will be able to rule out all the reality I have set up over my life. Finally I will wake up in a whole new dimension with a whole new reality. A really real reality, not this fake one I'm in at the moment. Won't that be nice?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Talking to God

Here's the real confusion when imagining talking to God. God accepts no equal. Therefore how can any of us in all humility, think God talks to us? Accepting that can be a breach of humility. Worse still are those who announce that God talks through them.

For the overthinking man silence, skepticism or straight out avoidance are called for when Godly matters arise in conversation. We must protect ourselves from our own sense of personal grandeur. No the universe doesn't answer to us. It's the other way we answer to it. A shut mouth is a wise mouth. If a person calls on God to verify that his opinion is the truth he is a cheating liar and merely demonstrates that he is prepared to win all debate at any cost. So too are those who run for the bible to validate their opinions. They are proud and willful cheats. Eyes skyward as I say- Don't ya reckon God? The answer comes back in a loud booming voice of thunder--fucked if I know!

Who said that?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Proof at last

Cats control human beings. I knew it and finally science has proved it. Read here.

My girlfriend and I observed this years ago. She has named her cat Meow- At- The- Fridge and my cat is now called Face- In- The- Dish. They never stop nagging. My cat is absolutely obese because I can't stand the constant cry for food. I feed him all the time all day it seems. My life consists of constantly spooning Roo meat into his dish, he finishes it hungrily and cries out mercilessly so I spoon in some more. Then he sleeps for a short while and gets up to do the same--- over and over and over. If I am working at the computer he will come up and sink his claws in my leg until I respond.

Man. I got rid of that nagging wife several years ago and she has left me with a cat that is far worse than she ever was.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too many theories

One thing the internet has done is to put up all the theories ever concocted on any subject . We are drowning in theory. This is why we feel like there are no answers to anything. And this is one reason why I have receded to this small haven of reality here at overthinking. But have I ? ...............

Everyone has a pet theory. Everyone has a theory they have adopted as to why we are here if there is a God and whether there is alien life in the universe. And they have a theory for everything in between everything. And they have a theory as to why they have a theory. They also have opinions based on said theories. So you can see we are pretty busy, modifying theories, brushing up on latest theories, developing theories. Then we have to form opinions based on those theories or to change opinions based on theories that have fallen from favour. It is a job of perpetual maintenance.

Then there are those poor people who follow some kind of religion. They have to play the balancing routine because theories constantly attack their beliefs. They are therefore twice as busy as say an atheist. Imagine you were a scientist and also a fundamental Christian. Because science constantly releases theories on all those things sacred to your faith you would constantly be juggling between reading the bible in order to find the answers to the attack you perceive from the findings of science. Mind you, I know plenty of Christians who simply avoid it all. It's much easier to say that everything you need to know is in the bible. The ostrich mentality is common in religion.

For us who are over thinkers the head in the sand doesn't work. Think of Wagner's music such as the Ride of the Valkyrie as you read the rest of this:

We stand defiantly on the coal face.

We embrace the tide of theory.

We examine it all.

None shall pass!

Yes we are a mess.

We have our problems.

Our brains hurt.

But we are brave.

We never give in.

We take it.

We absorb it.

We spit it out.

We add dramatically to the debate.

We push the buttons.

We never flinch.

We are heroes.

How's that?

I feel great now!!!

I know all my writing here is the same bullshit as everyone else's bullshit but hey, it's my bullshit and I like it. A good crap a day keeps the doctor away.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bright lights

Driving home tonight I felt blinded several times. It wasn't because the other drivers had not dipped their headlamps it was because their dipped headlamps were way too bright. The new globes for headlamps are double and three times brighter than standard globes. All those safety conscious individuals buy these implants to give them much better lighting on the road at night. The problem is they are blinding everyone else. Idiots!!


We are watching the end of the world on TV. This is why it doesn't seem real. But it is happening in front of our very eyes. Our world leaders have not acted to avert the end in any way. We sit and watch as the climate works its way to catastrophe. We truly will be watching the end till the broadcasts stop. Then we will know it is the end. Because its not on TV. In fact nothing is on TV. So it is the end.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Boxes

We are so good at living in little boxes. Either we are put in them because of the structure of the society we live in or, ---- we jump in ourselves.

I meet many people who seem to possess a restricted view of life. Their sights are definitely pointed at their feet. I know it's probably the safest way to live but in many ways they still trip up regularly.

The common little box people live in is the partnership box. This is the one that takes almost 95% of a females thoughts and probably 50% of a males in order to climb into. The reason it doesn't take so much for a male is because he is usually more promiscuous and he often likes beer and sport. He therefore finds himself in the box without even realizing that it was happening. But why is this a box? It is like a box because it is an enclosure. I don't really have to spell out how people spend their time and energy on finding or holding onto their partner. Then once with their partner their orbit of activity and thought revolves strictly around said partner. Really for many, there is nothing else! And why do I hold this opinion? From years and years of conversation and observation that's why. It seems nothing but- find a partner- get a partner- hold a partner- is spoken about with many women I have known. And every subject outside that for a moment ends up winding its way back to the key subject in some way or other. It's been a real task just to feign interest. I know I shouldn't even listen- but I'm too polite-- or really too gutless to tell them to piss off with their crap. I know also that it is quite natural to be obsessed with mating but it shouldn't be. It's our biggest security blanket let's face it. We are individuals and should be more unique and self assured in our lives.

However, the really excellent big little box we all put ourselves in is the debt box. I'm in this one. At least the relationship box ain't lonely- this one is. The rise of the consumerist religion has put us all in this little box and this is the one that keeps us under control.

The final little box we all end up in is a restful one thank God.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Pretty Rule

As if we didn't know. Pretty people receive much favour. The deniers can poo-hoo all they like yet the science is in:Sperm Travels Faster Toward Attractive Females Read all about it here

I feel so out of control now. It's not fair. I want to be in control of myself. But pretty women just take it all away. We men are slaves to nature or, more correctly, natural selection. I don't know how nature works though. Because as soon as a pretty woman engages in any way with me I dumb down. Success in actually mating should be hampered by this response so how can a creature who is supposed to be continuation of the species orientated dumb down when called upon to mate. I think the purpose of this response is so that pretty women are not forced to accept just any old partner. Therefore a pretty woman must be able to select. The male must stand in a sort of stupor waiting for her to accept him. . In this way she controls outcomes whilst he stumbles and bumbles around half drunk at the sight of her. But his sperm is ready and at the gate super keen to go go go! Explosive stuff eh?

It's amazing what scientists discover but what's more amazing is the things they study. Imagine having to study the velocity of an ejaculation and the speed of those little swimmers for a living.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What a mess

I have this shed filled with good stuff, all mixed up with not good stuff and I am sifting through to extract the good stuff from the bad. Isn't this what we do in our lives on a personality level also. Well, some people do, others go on blindly believing that they are who they are and that's it. The shed took a quarter of a century to become as it is, the rest of my life took more than twice that.

The process is tedious to say the least. My girlfriend came into the area as I was performing the slow task of picking up itty-bitty stuff off the floor. She gave me a look like: isn't there a better way? Well no there isn't. When you have an accumulation of good with bad there is no easy way to quickly get at the good.

Impatient people would just scoop everything up and put it in the rubbish, throwing the baby out with the bath water. Not me. I'm not going to pay for things I have purchased in the past ever again. I'm picking up every nut bolt and screw and organizing it in it's rightful place. I will probably die doing it. But hey, what else is there to do? And I mean I will be doing this tidy up on all levels of life- even my own mind is included. The way it is though- I think my mind will be perfectly clear before the shed ever is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunspots are back

There have been no sunspots when there should have been over the last year. It was a sunspot drought. But they are back. Oh good. I was worried. Weren't you?

We expect the sun to be there and to be consistent. It's the one thing we all take for granted. Let's face if it's not there we are not there. I started thinking about the things we expect to be there everyday other than the sun. Well of course you've got the Earth, but then, the way the media talks, it's on the way out. But really, all the universal stuff is expected to be there. All the natural world and such goes on like clockwork. But what about our lives?

Well there is the dishes. They will be there. Then there is the partner-- he or she will always be there. Maybe. I think partnerships are like the occurrence of sunspots. They have cycles and sometimes we have droughts and sometimes there is a lot of activity and lots of partners for some. Yes that's it. Our lives are run by the sun including our partnership cycles. If you have a partnership problem blame it on sunspots. If your partner is playing up, blame it on sunspots. If you're having trouble getting a partner- blame it on sunspots. If you can't find a partner who stay the distance you know, what we call " The One", blame it on the sunspots.

A friend said to me yesterday that she was ratty because of the phase of the moon at the time. In fact a lot of women do believe the moon effects their moods and behaviour. Well, the sun is much more powerful than that tiny little sattelite. We are a sattelite to it and so is the moon. We all go round it. So of course it's gonna have a bigger impact on our lives isn't it. Yet women never say- it's the cycle of sunspots or they never mention the sun in sending me crazy like they do with a full moon. The sun is underrated in the area of mood, sanity and human behaviour. I remember standing at a checkout at one of my favourite stores , Spotlight, a place where a lot of women hang out . Two ladies in front of me were deeply engaged in telling each other how ratty they were at the time. Then they started into the moon cycle thing being the cause. I half expected that they would fling their gear off and start dancing naked in front of me then jump on their broomsticks and piss off--no such luck.

These women should look to sunspots to predict their mood in future I reckon.

See how silly it all is? Like I said- humans are irrational creatures.

Well I've worked all that out now. I just keep getting smarter and smarter don't I?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clockwork Universe

I have been really captivated by illustrating clocks of recent. There is something really enjoyable about those gears meshing together and the way they all come together to capture time. I don't know if there is an artwork to come in the end but I spend hours just tracing mechanisms and putting gears together in interesting ways. Maybe I have found something new to do.

As I work away in my illustration I think of stuff. And I jot down words and sentences that come into mind as I go. This one jumped in- Clockwork Universe. I thought it would make an interesting search. And there it was on Wiki. Apparently it was a theory by none other than the smartest man ever born Isaac Newton. Wow! I am in the big league now.

This from Wiki:

A "clockwork universe" can be thought of as being a clock wound up by God and ticking along, as a perfect machine, with its gears governed by the laws of physics.

What sets this theory apart from others is the idea that God's only contribution to the universe was to set everything in motion, and from there the laws of science took hold and have governed every sequence of events since that time. This idea was very popular during the Enlightenment, when scientists realized that Newton's laws of motion, including the law of universal gravitation, could explain the behavior of the solar system.

A notable exclusion from this theory though is free will, since all things have already been set in motion and are just parts of a predictable machine. Newton feared that this notion of "everything is predetermined" would lead to atheism.

No wonder I feel so wound up!!!!

Phatic speech

Only a fool would think that the checkout girl asking you how you are today really cares for a meaningful response. We reply to such phatic speech with the appropriate "Good thanks" even though we may have just had open heart surgery.

There are degrees of care. The first degree is the parent for the child. They really care. The second is the care of a partner for their loved one ( of the moment). The third is everyone else. And when we split from our relationship the aforementioned partners go to the third degree. Their and our position is tenuous at best.

Now I know there is a lot of noise about how much people care for us. But when it really comes down to the divine level of care it is really close to our own personal ego as to how much we care. My mother had a saying: " Blood is thicker than water". It answers how we feel when it comes to care. Most everything we say to others in terms of inquiry as to their personal well being is what is called phatic speech. We do it to stay polite. Isn't that an eye opener?

Stop looking

We eat every day. To do this food is placed on a plate and we usually sit down and we look at the food on the plate and we eat. We don't look at what the person next to us is doing. That is pointless. We look at our own plate. Why can't people apply the same to the rest of their lives. The temptation to pass on our every opinion to those around us is strong. Why?

If I look back at my life I can see that I was often guilty of forcefully putting my opinions to others. I really don't know now why I did this. Not only that, a lot of what I so enthusiastically presented is now an obsolete way of thinking. My life has changed, as it does, and now those very opinions are irrelevant. At the time I was so keen to present them as being true and rock solid permanent. Oh how things change. Oh how we change.

People want some kind of permanence in their ever changing lives. Something they can rely on to be there when all else has gone. We ourselves yearn to be permanent. The thought of our death is terrifying. We want to go on forever. The thought of our partner no longer being at our side is also terrifying. All this has caused us to hold onto many myths. Because myths can be neither proved or disproved as fact in many cases they are ideal for permanence. They lie outside our ability to dismiss so for many people it is more simple to hold myths as truths.

I'm not going to detail these myths because one man's myth is another man's truth. But I will say that we are not at all rational as a species. We are rather an imaginative and inventive creature who is happy to allow glitches in our logic in order to have a more comfortable life.

I have found permanence as you all well know. I am happy with my find. It never lets me down. I know all of you have it as well so I am happy with that. Yes it's like that old acorn that the Skrat creature on Ice Age chases.

It's dishes. We have permanence. Hooray!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Something new

I think I may have just about run out of things to write about. I was told today that I need some new material for my blog. Problem is, I don't really have that many sources to draw from. My life is too small. If I were famous and all that I would have heaps but I'm just a bloke with an attitude and too much time on his hands. This is a dangerous combination.

So I thought I best get to work on something. You know, really get my teeth into something. I have been satisfying my urge to be useful over the past few years by indulging peoples troubles, trials and tribulations no matter how trivial and how banal. This has gotta change I know. The role of the eternal comforter is one that never ends. One can always find someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. My shoulder feels more like a lamp post now from being leaned on so much. At least it hasn't been pissed on of recent.

Yeah. Something new---picture me dreaming off--------- something--------anything --------- new. Thinking thinking----------- something-------hmmm----surely there's ----something?

Nope. Can't think of anything right now.

Ahh well. Someone will come up with a problem for me to set my boundless wisdom upon. The life of a mentor/advisor has its perks. It keeps me from having to think of what I actually should be doing in my own life. And since I'm really totally out of ideas at the present moment I need to listen to all that chatter about emotional problems people around me are having. Goodness. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if it were all up to me to find something to think about. I am lucky. I am kept well and truly occupied. No wonder psychologists are kept busy. They are just like me except they get paid for it.

Now that's a novel idea. I could get paid for doing exactly what I do for free. I just have to get a bit of paper that says I can actually do what I am doing every day. Hmmm. I may be onto something here. I just have to go back to school and learn to do what I am doing already. Great. Then I can start charging people. But hang on. When people pay they expect results. I'm not good at results. I'm much better at neverending stories. Well I mean I am better at listening to neverending stories. And I listen to heaps of them.

The neverending story. It goes like this: I'm getting better. Every day in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger. Yes I'm getting better. The secret in the neverending story is in keeping it in the developmental stage. Don't actually resolve by saying something like. I'm all better now--end of story. That means one must come up with something new to do or talk about. And that is the stage I am at. I went and got better somewhere along the line, damn it, and now I gotta come up with something new to do other than getting better. And that's real tough. And when I say I got better I mean I sort of stopped worrying or thinking that I was worrying about something or something like that. You see the thing with getting better is that you gotta know what you are getting better from. There are so many things that we can think is wrong with us that this can be very difficult. Again going ahead and saying I am better now just kills off that story. Then we can go ahead and begin to make ourselves unwell again right from scratch with a clean slate. But first you gotta do something new to make yourself sick on. Man ---Am I losing it-- good night!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Part two in the clue

Several weeks ago I posted a clue to my understanding of the set up of reality: Note if you are viewing this as a note in facebook you won't see the images for the clues. You will have to go to my actual blog
To refresh your memory:

Now here's the next bit for your investigative enjoyment:
I think you can see where this is going.


Memory has two sides.I don't remember that. Is this the perfect screen? Underneath, everyone remembers most everything really unless they are damaged in some way or into a substance. Yet they use the I don't remember line all the time. It is an easy escape route. But what if people regularly don't remember things? I guess many people don't remember things because many people are damaged or into a substance or both. I've answered that thought now but what about selective memory?

Some people have memories like steel traps. But they only remember things that are to do with themselves and the protection of their ego. They store everything that is said in a vault and are always ready to pull them out when you talk to them at some later time. Then they hit you with- but you said this or you said that in an attempt to trip you up on what you are currently saying. These people are a real pain. No-one likes to be hit in the face with their own contradictions. Pushing it so obviously in your face is a form of passive aggressive behavior. You know how it goes. You will be sailing along in conversation and suddenly the person you are talking to will hit you with it---- but you said bla blah blahhh.

Then you have the tedious task of revisiting a conversation you had how ever long ago just to put what you said then in context with now and all movement forward in the current conversation is stopped whilst this goes on. Then by the time you have explained or excused yourself you have forgotten what you were talking about in the current conversation. And then in future this conversation is pulled out by the same person in another conversation and the whole process goes over again. These people with the steel trap memory and ill fitting egos are impossible to relax with. They keep you on your toes the whole time. And in the end good old silence is the best policy with them. Of course then they complain that you never talk to them deeply like you used to do.

Who cares. Leave their vaults empty of your words and let them slide into their misery. Nasty aren't I? No. They are!

Friday, July 3, 2009

We know it

I am attempting to keep things really simple here on Overthinking. Well, it's not that I'm trying to do this, it comes naturally because I am fairly simple. This has caused me to wonder at the simplicity of bestsellers. They are bestsellers because they are simple. Now when I say simple I mean they are written in a way that any fool can read them and understand them. No big words, no demanding concepts, no deep subjects--simple. People can't get enough of the simple stuff.

However I have a real problem with books and this is in an attempt to be simple they are too simple and therefore they never give you any value for your money because you never learn anything new. And in their charter of maintaining simplicity they never go anywhere further than we have already been. So we have this sea of books saying the same thing over and over in every different way that panders strictly to the keep it simple formula.

And this is exactly what I am doing here. Most everything I write about is already written about and is probably written in a much simpler ( meaning much better) way. So unless you enjoy reading nothing new and reading for the sake of reading I would strongly suggest that you stop reading this blog. It's really not doing anything for anyone except me. I get off on writing. That's all this is about. I like the sound of my own words. I like it to be uninterrupted output of my brilliant thoughts and this is the way to do it.

You see, everyone, with the exception of my amazing and unique girlfriend, talks straight over the top of me talking straight over the top of them whilst they talk straight over the top of me whilst I etc etc etc----. In other words we are so caught up in emptying our thoughts on others we have no time to catch any of their thoughts. We are so caught up in ourselves that it is impossible to accept the worthiness of the thoughts of others alongside our own. The best we can manage most of the time is some kind of distant voice in the wilderness style of hearing. We sort of hear someone uttering their words but we are so eager to outlet our own important thoughts that we really couldn't be bothered with their distracting thoughts. And it gets worse. Even if one of their thoughts break through our wall of sound it is then thrown against what we think to see whether it is worthy of even considering as correct or not. And inside us we always hold the "yes but I know better thing".

It goes like this. You say something and my mind immediately says "yes but". It does this because it thinks it is better at thinking than your mind. The mind has the best ego.

It's no wonder we have to say so much when we talk. Nothing goes in and nothing is really said. This is not the case of course if someone yells " Fire!" We suddenly listen then. But the rest of the time we are like those squawking cockies perched in the tree out front. Meaningless squawking--that's what it all is.