Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contradiction spotting

Some are only satisfied when they have tripped another person up. It's their sport to observe people in great detail in order to pick the glitches in their thoughts. for most of us, it's very difficult to be consistent and things keep changing to make it even more so. And to have these people poised and ready to pounce as you talk is a real pain . And don't you just hate that self satisfied and smug look they get on their face when they in fact pick you up on one? They never offer anything new themselves by the way. That would mean they may suffer our same fate of contradicting themselves. They are waiting for you to trip up. They will constantly correct any conversation looking for loopholes in your opinions: small chinks in your logic flow; errors in facts; anything they can to find fault in your words. They are the classic difficult personality. Their scorn for those who put out their opinions is boundless. This is because they really have no opinions of their own or they are too gutless to put them out there. So they remain judgmental types known as the passive aggressive ---plenty of 'em.

Some of us stand up and lead though. The corrections and bickering are like the turmoil we leave in our wake. Life happens behind us- like the ocean liner we move ever forward.

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