Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fast or slow

I have just realised what Twitter is about. It's for fast wisecracking to the world. So that's it. In a fast world it is perfect. No waffle- edit straight to the point. People haven't the time to read or write in too much detail in the frantic life they lead.

So I will try and edit my stuff down so that I become more modern whenever possible from now on. Fit my thoughts into an SMS style here on Overthinking and I may be seen as relevant again. I lost my mojo because people I know became suddenly aware that the stuff I write is long winded and what they consider insultingly personal. Now I will make my blog tight and punchy. You know. Modern. Must be modern. Modern................. no! I don't wish to be modern. I like slow. I like taking my time. I like doing the things people consider a waste of time. I'm not modern.

I just had this thought: People are frantic in their need to speedily read short grabs on life when on the internet. And their fingers can't move quickly enough on the keyboard if they are to type anything. But in book world, it is totally the opposite. For example' they will read Harry Potter books and Twilight books. These books are extremely thick and pure fantasy. Yeah. Many will waste their time sometimes. Just not on the internet. Because they must keep up with the environment. The machine environment.

So here's today's quick wisecrack-----------------

Guess what?------- I haven't got one. I'm too slow.

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