Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An inspiration

I went to a funeral today. It was the most inspiring funeral I have ever been to. Rebekah was a young woman 29 years of age who died from pneumonia. Rebekah was struck by a car at age 7 and survived. When I say survival she was left unable to walk; unable to talk and with only one good arm and her eyesight out of one open eye. She was left confined to a wheelchair from the age of 7 for the rest of her short life. And even when faced with her recent battle for life she fought- she fought to the very end. She baffled the doctors who thought she was at an end when they switched off their machines. She fought for three days. She was a fighter, an inspiration, and I am humbled by her. As a father my heart goes to Colin her dad. He stayed true to her and at her side right through her life and at the end he stated that it was an honour to be her father. He too is a hero.

There are great people in our community. We simply have to look around and stop reading and listening to all the negative crap fed to us by media.

Now, I'm an overthinker as all well know but this remarkable young woman's life is truly beyond any thought I could possibly think. Her courage and her love for life is beyond description. I simply do not have the words.

By this I have been brought to being speechless and I am away on a road trip for the next two weeks. It will probably take me this long to restore my overthought and come up with my usual rubbish.

Have a good rest- I will. And Rebekah Rest in Peace.

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