Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Boxes

We are so good at living in little boxes. Either we are put in them because of the structure of the society we live in or, ---- we jump in ourselves.

I meet many people who seem to possess a restricted view of life. Their sights are definitely pointed at their feet. I know it's probably the safest way to live but in many ways they still trip up regularly.

The common little box people live in is the partnership box. This is the one that takes almost 95% of a females thoughts and probably 50% of a males in order to climb into. The reason it doesn't take so much for a male is because he is usually more promiscuous and he often likes beer and sport. He therefore finds himself in the box without even realizing that it was happening. But why is this a box? It is like a box because it is an enclosure. I don't really have to spell out how people spend their time and energy on finding or holding onto their partner. Then once with their partner their orbit of activity and thought revolves strictly around said partner. Really for many, there is nothing else! And why do I hold this opinion? From years and years of conversation and observation that's why. It seems nothing but- find a partner- get a partner- hold a partner- is spoken about with many women I have known. And every subject outside that for a moment ends up winding its way back to the key subject in some way or other. It's been a real task just to feign interest. I know I shouldn't even listen- but I'm too polite-- or really too gutless to tell them to piss off with their crap. I know also that it is quite natural to be obsessed with mating but it shouldn't be. It's our biggest security blanket let's face it. We are individuals and should be more unique and self assured in our lives.

However, the really excellent big little box we all put ourselves in is the debt box. I'm in this one. At least the relationship box ain't lonely- this one is. The rise of the consumerist religion has put us all in this little box and this is the one that keeps us under control.

The final little box we all end up in is a restful one thank God.

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