Saturday, July 4, 2009


Memory has two sides.I don't remember that. Is this the perfect screen? Underneath, everyone remembers most everything really unless they are damaged in some way or into a substance. Yet they use the I don't remember line all the time. It is an easy escape route. But what if people regularly don't remember things? I guess many people don't remember things because many people are damaged or into a substance or both. I've answered that thought now but what about selective memory?

Some people have memories like steel traps. But they only remember things that are to do with themselves and the protection of their ego. They store everything that is said in a vault and are always ready to pull them out when you talk to them at some later time. Then they hit you with- but you said this or you said that in an attempt to trip you up on what you are currently saying. These people are a real pain. No-one likes to be hit in the face with their own contradictions. Pushing it so obviously in your face is a form of passive aggressive behavior. You know how it goes. You will be sailing along in conversation and suddenly the person you are talking to will hit you with it---- but you said bla blah blahhh.

Then you have the tedious task of revisiting a conversation you had how ever long ago just to put what you said then in context with now and all movement forward in the current conversation is stopped whilst this goes on. Then by the time you have explained or excused yourself you have forgotten what you were talking about in the current conversation. And then in future this conversation is pulled out by the same person in another conversation and the whole process goes over again. These people with the steel trap memory and ill fitting egos are impossible to relax with. They keep you on your toes the whole time. And in the end good old silence is the best policy with them. Of course then they complain that you never talk to them deeply like you used to do.

Who cares. Leave their vaults empty of your words and let them slide into their misery. Nasty aren't I? No. They are!

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