Monday, July 20, 2009

No more angst ?

I looked back over my recent posts and I have to say some display angst. Heaven forbid! I think I have been sucked in by it. I'm gonna lighten up. I must get back to the early days of this opus where I was a funny little chap who loved commenting on the (yawn) little things in life in a light hearted way. (Yawn) ( Zzzzzzzzzzz) Oh yeah. That's why the angst. I was falling asleep writing. Angst is the way of the world. Happy-fluffy is the way to boredom.

Also this blog is getting weighed down with me explaining activities here. Certain people are reading a lot of problems into my creative musing. As if anyone should give a shit. And if they do then they haven't understood anyway. I thought I put it all in the title. Particularly the bit about the twist of lemon.

Explaining myself is a pain- I've never liked it. It's like having to explain why a joke is funny. Maybe my posts aren't funny but I shouldn't have to explain them or answer to observers of my thoughts. But I do. We are defensive creatures- like it or not. We can't help ourselves.

This was-- as are all the other posts--just thoughts without conclusions with a twist of lemon. Much like most thoughts that just happen. I put them down on this blog- then they are gone; replaced by another thought and on it goes. No control; just observation and records. No meaning- just a captured occurrence at the time. I let them out for my own amusement and hopefully the amusement of others. Coz I like to share. And I love lemon.

So all you loved one's out there. Stop worrying about me. I am happily mad with a twist of lemon. Life's great, with a twist of lemon.

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