Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off the face

I've been chased off.

Due to negative response from various " Facebook friends " I have stopped the feed and taken down my notes. See what a little note about that Twilight phenomenon can do. This with mention of God was enough to terrify certain people in my orbit. Wow! They really don't like anyone freely venting their inner musings on things.


If any of you come over here then you do so at your own risk. Now I am leaving you alone and not disturbing your faces on Facebook , you are obliged to leave me alone to my lemony looks at life here on Overthinking. Facebook is yours but this is my domain so back off!! This is mine all mine ha ha haaaa. I will write whatever the hell I like to write here so don't even try to stop me!!!

ooow. I feel so much like a naughty little boy-- sneaking off to have some fun---this is exciting--lonely, but exciting!.

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