Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Proof at last

Cats control human beings. I knew it and finally science has proved it. Read here.

My girlfriend and I observed this years ago. She has named her cat Meow- At- The- Fridge and my cat is now called Face- In- The- Dish. They never stop nagging. My cat is absolutely obese because I can't stand the constant cry for food. I feed him all the time all day it seems. My life consists of constantly spooning Roo meat into his dish, he finishes it hungrily and cries out mercilessly so I spoon in some more. Then he sleeps for a short while and gets up to do the same--- over and over and over. If I am working at the computer he will come up and sink his claws in my leg until I respond.

Man. I got rid of that nagging wife several years ago and she has left me with a cat that is far worse than she ever was.

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