Monday, July 20, 2009

Seriously now

Some people are shocked by the content of my blog. They actually think it is serious. It may be of course but I have to say mostly it is about having fun and releasing thoughts- some dark some light; some funny some pitiful. I am from a long line of shit-stirrers. It was among my father's favourite hobbies alongside drinking of course. I prefer to just stir without the drinking however. Those who treats this as an insight into how stuffed up I am growing will be unpleasantly surprised. I am far more meek and boring than these words would have you believe. This is me with my superman outfit on.

Geez it's hard to have fun these days. Can't even do a bit of harmless writing for the possible enjoyment of others and self without upsetting someone's apple cart. Where's the humour gone in this world? Why must we be so bloody polite all the time? We gotta be so correct these days it nearly makes me puke.

The net is total anarchy and I like that it is. This blog is my anarchy- pretty wimpy though don't you think?

Now that's cleared up, I'll be back with more nonsense at some ungodly hour tomorrow.

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