Monday, July 6, 2009

Something new

I think I may have just about run out of things to write about. I was told today that I need some new material for my blog. Problem is, I don't really have that many sources to draw from. My life is too small. If I were famous and all that I would have heaps but I'm just a bloke with an attitude and too much time on his hands. This is a dangerous combination.

So I thought I best get to work on something. You know, really get my teeth into something. I have been satisfying my urge to be useful over the past few years by indulging peoples troubles, trials and tribulations no matter how trivial and how banal. This has gotta change I know. The role of the eternal comforter is one that never ends. One can always find someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. My shoulder feels more like a lamp post now from being leaned on so much. At least it hasn't been pissed on of recent.

Yeah. Something new---picture me dreaming off--------- something--------anything --------- new. Thinking thinking----------- something-------hmmm----surely there's ----something?

Nope. Can't think of anything right now.

Ahh well. Someone will come up with a problem for me to set my boundless wisdom upon. The life of a mentor/advisor has its perks. It keeps me from having to think of what I actually should be doing in my own life. And since I'm really totally out of ideas at the present moment I need to listen to all that chatter about emotional problems people around me are having. Goodness. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if it were all up to me to find something to think about. I am lucky. I am kept well and truly occupied. No wonder psychologists are kept busy. They are just like me except they get paid for it.

Now that's a novel idea. I could get paid for doing exactly what I do for free. I just have to get a bit of paper that says I can actually do what I am doing every day. Hmmm. I may be onto something here. I just have to go back to school and learn to do what I am doing already. Great. Then I can start charging people. But hang on. When people pay they expect results. I'm not good at results. I'm much better at neverending stories. Well I mean I am better at listening to neverending stories. And I listen to heaps of them.

The neverending story. It goes like this: I'm getting better. Every day in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger. Yes I'm getting better. The secret in the neverending story is in keeping it in the developmental stage. Don't actually resolve by saying something like. I'm all better now--end of story. That means one must come up with something new to do or talk about. And that is the stage I am at. I went and got better somewhere along the line, damn it, and now I gotta come up with something new to do other than getting better. And that's real tough. And when I say I got better I mean I sort of stopped worrying or thinking that I was worrying about something or something like that. You see the thing with getting better is that you gotta know what you are getting better from. There are so many things that we can think is wrong with us that this can be very difficult. Again going ahead and saying I am better now just kills off that story. Then we can go ahead and begin to make ourselves unwell again right from scratch with a clean slate. But first you gotta do something new to make yourself sick on. Man ---Am I losing it-- good night!

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