Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stop looking

We eat every day. To do this food is placed on a plate and we usually sit down and we look at the food on the plate and we eat. We don't look at what the person next to us is doing. That is pointless. We look at our own plate. Why can't people apply the same to the rest of their lives. The temptation to pass on our every opinion to those around us is strong. Why?

If I look back at my life I can see that I was often guilty of forcefully putting my opinions to others. I really don't know now why I did this. Not only that, a lot of what I so enthusiastically presented is now an obsolete way of thinking. My life has changed, as it does, and now those very opinions are irrelevant. At the time I was so keen to present them as being true and rock solid permanent. Oh how things change. Oh how we change.

People want some kind of permanence in their ever changing lives. Something they can rely on to be there when all else has gone. We ourselves yearn to be permanent. The thought of our death is terrifying. We want to go on forever. The thought of our partner no longer being at our side is also terrifying. All this has caused us to hold onto many myths. Because myths can be neither proved or disproved as fact in many cases they are ideal for permanence. They lie outside our ability to dismiss so for many people it is more simple to hold myths as truths.

I'm not going to detail these myths because one man's myth is another man's truth. But I will say that we are not at all rational as a species. We are rather an imaginative and inventive creature who is happy to allow glitches in our logic in order to have a more comfortable life.

I have found permanence as you all well know. I am happy with my find. It never lets me down. I know all of you have it as well so I am happy with that. Yes it's like that old acorn that the Skrat creature on Ice Age chases.

It's dishes. We have permanence. Hooray!!!

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