Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunspots are back

There have been no sunspots when there should have been over the last year. It was a sunspot drought. But they are back. Oh good. I was worried. Weren't you?

We expect the sun to be there and to be consistent. It's the one thing we all take for granted. Let's face if it's not there we are not there. I started thinking about the things we expect to be there everyday other than the sun. Well of course you've got the Earth, but then, the way the media talks, it's on the way out. But really, all the universal stuff is expected to be there. All the natural world and such goes on like clockwork. But what about our lives?

Well there is the dishes. They will be there. Then there is the partner-- he or she will always be there. Maybe. I think partnerships are like the occurrence of sunspots. They have cycles and sometimes we have droughts and sometimes there is a lot of activity and lots of partners for some. Yes that's it. Our lives are run by the sun including our partnership cycles. If you have a partnership problem blame it on sunspots. If your partner is playing up, blame it on sunspots. If you're having trouble getting a partner- blame it on sunspots. If you can't find a partner who stay the distance you know, what we call " The One", blame it on the sunspots.

A friend said to me yesterday that she was ratty because of the phase of the moon at the time. In fact a lot of women do believe the moon effects their moods and behaviour. Well, the sun is much more powerful than that tiny little sattelite. We are a sattelite to it and so is the moon. We all go round it. So of course it's gonna have a bigger impact on our lives isn't it. Yet women never say- it's the cycle of sunspots or they never mention the sun in sending me crazy like they do with a full moon. The sun is underrated in the area of mood, sanity and human behaviour. I remember standing at a checkout at one of my favourite stores , Spotlight, a place where a lot of women hang out . Two ladies in front of me were deeply engaged in telling each other how ratty they were at the time. Then they started into the moon cycle thing being the cause. I half expected that they would fling their gear off and start dancing naked in front of me then jump on their broomsticks and piss off--no such luck.

These women should look to sunspots to predict their mood in future I reckon.

See how silly it all is? Like I said- humans are irrational creatures.

Well I've worked all that out now. I just keep getting smarter and smarter don't I?

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