Friday, July 17, 2009

Talking to God

Here's the real confusion when imagining talking to God. God accepts no equal. Therefore how can any of us in all humility, think God talks to us? Accepting that can be a breach of humility. Worse still are those who announce that God talks through them.

For the overthinking man silence, skepticism or straight out avoidance are called for when Godly matters arise in conversation. We must protect ourselves from our own sense of personal grandeur. No the universe doesn't answer to us. It's the other way we answer to it. A shut mouth is a wise mouth. If a person calls on God to verify that his opinion is the truth he is a cheating liar and merely demonstrates that he is prepared to win all debate at any cost. So too are those who run for the bible to validate their opinions. They are proud and willful cheats. Eyes skyward as I say- Don't ya reckon God? The answer comes back in a loud booming voice of thunder--fucked if I know!

Who said that?

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