Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too many theories

One thing the internet has done is to put up all the theories ever concocted on any subject . We are drowning in theory. This is why we feel like there are no answers to anything. And this is one reason why I have receded to this small haven of reality here at overthinking. But have I ? ...............

Everyone has a pet theory. Everyone has a theory they have adopted as to why we are here if there is a God and whether there is alien life in the universe. And they have a theory for everything in between everything. And they have a theory as to why they have a theory. They also have opinions based on said theories. So you can see we are pretty busy, modifying theories, brushing up on latest theories, developing theories. Then we have to form opinions based on those theories or to change opinions based on theories that have fallen from favour. It is a job of perpetual maintenance.

Then there are those poor people who follow some kind of religion. They have to play the balancing routine because theories constantly attack their beliefs. They are therefore twice as busy as say an atheist. Imagine you were a scientist and also a fundamental Christian. Because science constantly releases theories on all those things sacred to your faith you would constantly be juggling between reading the bible in order to find the answers to the attack you perceive from the findings of science. Mind you, I know plenty of Christians who simply avoid it all. It's much easier to say that everything you need to know is in the bible. The ostrich mentality is common in religion.

For us who are over thinkers the head in the sand doesn't work. Think of Wagner's music such as the Ride of the Valkyrie as you read the rest of this:

We stand defiantly on the coal face.

We embrace the tide of theory.

We examine it all.

None shall pass!

Yes we are a mess.

We have our problems.

Our brains hurt.

But we are brave.

We never give in.

We take it.

We absorb it.

We spit it out.

We add dramatically to the debate.

We push the buttons.

We never flinch.

We are heroes.

How's that?

I feel great now!!!

I know all my writing here is the same bullshit as everyone else's bullshit but hey, it's my bullshit and I like it. A good crap a day keeps the doctor away.

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