Friday, July 3, 2009

We know it

I am attempting to keep things really simple here on Overthinking. Well, it's not that I'm trying to do this, it comes naturally because I am fairly simple. This has caused me to wonder at the simplicity of bestsellers. They are bestsellers because they are simple. Now when I say simple I mean they are written in a way that any fool can read them and understand them. No big words, no demanding concepts, no deep subjects--simple. People can't get enough of the simple stuff.

However I have a real problem with books and this is in an attempt to be simple they are too simple and therefore they never give you any value for your money because you never learn anything new. And in their charter of maintaining simplicity they never go anywhere further than we have already been. So we have this sea of books saying the same thing over and over in every different way that panders strictly to the keep it simple formula.

And this is exactly what I am doing here. Most everything I write about is already written about and is probably written in a much simpler ( meaning much better) way. So unless you enjoy reading nothing new and reading for the sake of reading I would strongly suggest that you stop reading this blog. It's really not doing anything for anyone except me. I get off on writing. That's all this is about. I like the sound of my own words. I like it to be uninterrupted output of my brilliant thoughts and this is the way to do it.

You see, everyone, with the exception of my amazing and unique girlfriend, talks straight over the top of me talking straight over the top of them whilst they talk straight over the top of me whilst I etc etc etc----. In other words we are so caught up in emptying our thoughts on others we have no time to catch any of their thoughts. We are so caught up in ourselves that it is impossible to accept the worthiness of the thoughts of others alongside our own. The best we can manage most of the time is some kind of distant voice in the wilderness style of hearing. We sort of hear someone uttering their words but we are so eager to outlet our own important thoughts that we really couldn't be bothered with their distracting thoughts. And it gets worse. Even if one of their thoughts break through our wall of sound it is then thrown against what we think to see whether it is worthy of even considering as correct or not. And inside us we always hold the "yes but I know better thing".

It goes like this. You say something and my mind immediately says "yes but". It does this because it thinks it is better at thinking than your mind. The mind has the best ego.

It's no wonder we have to say so much when we talk. Nothing goes in and nothing is really said. This is not the case of course if someone yells " Fire!" We suddenly listen then. But the rest of the time we are like those squawking cockies perched in the tree out front. Meaningless squawking--that's what it all is.

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