Friday, July 10, 2009

What a mess

I have this shed filled with good stuff, all mixed up with not good stuff and I am sifting through to extract the good stuff from the bad. Isn't this what we do in our lives on a personality level also. Well, some people do, others go on blindly believing that they are who they are and that's it. The shed took a quarter of a century to become as it is, the rest of my life took more than twice that.

The process is tedious to say the least. My girlfriend came into the area as I was performing the slow task of picking up itty-bitty stuff off the floor. She gave me a look like: isn't there a better way? Well no there isn't. When you have an accumulation of good with bad there is no easy way to quickly get at the good.

Impatient people would just scoop everything up and put it in the rubbish, throwing the baby out with the bath water. Not me. I'm not going to pay for things I have purchased in the past ever again. I'm picking up every nut bolt and screw and organizing it in it's rightful place. I will probably die doing it. But hey, what else is there to do? And I mean I will be doing this tidy up on all levels of life- even my own mind is included. The way it is though- I think my mind will be perfectly clear before the shed ever is.

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