Saturday, August 15, 2009

40 years since Woodstock

I'm sitting here at my computer and catching the waft of cat's piss wondering where the little blighter has done it this time whilst I was out. I'm thinking " Wow! How things have changed!"

It's the fortieth anniversary since Woodstock the Rock concert that showed the youth culture of the time to be peace loving music fans who relished sex and drugs. I've been watching the old footage of it and reminiscing about my own life at the time. The biggest difference I see for young ones today versus my youth is the variety they must consume to stay modern or as we used to call it "cool". We never had the glowing rectangle thing for instance. Every kid these days has their head poked into the glow from some kind of rectangular screen. We watched telly in those days of course and it was black and white.

But we didn't have all the other rectangular screen things. And we had music without visual accompaniment. Music was music and it was for the ears only. Now if it doesn't have the scantily clad gyrating and air fucking hornbag doing her stuff in a totally disconnected way then it ain't music. Unless it's on an MP3 player. Then you just stare at the small glowing rectangle of the player so at least you got something to look at. The music itself used to be organic- you know- real musicians playing real instruments. And guess what? They even made mistakes. It wasn't perfect. How novel!

And we didn't have all this clothing to choose from. We dressed plain but we did our own embellishing by means of buttons and braid and scissors and paint and whatever. I used to shop at the Army Disposals for my stuff coz somehow we thought fucked up military clothes were fashion. No-one told us this like they do these days-- we just knew somehow. Now the young ones are guided through every step of the way in their individuality so that really they don't have individuality. It is produced. Anything goes was the rule of the 60's to mid 70's. Now we have shopping centres filled with shit from China. The end of Aussie fashion really. The indigenous fashion is gone the way of the dinosaur. And that's pretty much what I am now.

Anyway Woodstock. I wasn't there. But I was at two of the good old Sunbury concerts which was Australia's answer to it. It was allright. But I remember at the time that I was pretty underwhelmed. This is the youthful response to just about everything and this is the one thing that has stayed the same. I do think the modern youth do a far better job of being underwhelmed than we ever did however. This is almost their strongest attribute.

They been overwhelmed by so much now that they are in a perpetual state of being underwhelmed by everything. Perfect!. Give 'em all the shit you could possibly imagine, give 'em every drug they can get their hands on, wash it all down with some piss then get 'em fucking everything they can lay their loins on and life is great for our youth. But they are still totally unexcited and need more and more and more to get off on.

I've changed my mind. Things haven't changed. There's just more of the same.

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