Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cool it baby

Sex. Fabulous stuff. And here at overthinking I have avoided the subject pretty much. You see I could get into big big trouble if a certain person reads anything about this subject here on my beautifully old man-ish blog. It's a taboo. Well sorry darling I gotta say something on the subject. It's simply too large a subject to avoid any longer.

So sex-----------what can I say about it?

I've been at it for a long long time. It's an expression.It's a passion. It can be a compulsion. It's important. It's confronting. It makes us vulnerable. It's different with every person although it seems to be the same act. It's a deal maker or breaker. It's a motivator. It's a distraction. It relaxes . It stresses. It's pleasure. It's life and larger than life at the same time. It's anticipations greatest moment.

There is so much more the overthinking man could write here but there's enough to think about in what's been written by far more skilled writers than me.

But here's the really deep thing about sex. It creates life and that makes it the pinnacle act available to creatures. And us with our massive brain and its associated senses find it to be the best sensory experience we have available on this mortal plain.

Having said all that. Why do people put it down? Why do some people say it's overrated? Why do some people have it and afterwards feel that they have in some way performed a wrongful act? Why do all the religions spend so much of their efforts controlling an act that is inherintly magnificent?

I guess it's because to really do sex in the way it feels righteously performed involves a commitment between the parties involved. A commitment to actually feeling something beyond the physical. A commitment to allow a special bond to form between the parties.

And that commitment is: after we have had sex we must continue to have more sex and to forever wash dishes together in the eternal sink of bliss.

There. Wasn't that brilliant?

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