Friday, August 21, 2009

Feeling depressed

Warning. There is nothing funny in this post.

I know a million people who suffer depression- well a slight exaggeration- I know a few though. Nothing seems to relieve them of the curse. And it is a curse. Depression is not sadness it is worse. It is a total flattening of the sufferer's everything. They have no bounce. None at all. It would be hell I think. Numbers of sufferers are apparently on the rise too. Bipolar is the latest most diagnosed psychological problem in the Western world.

Well, how do you stay good to go? How do you stop the blackness closing in? Or more to the point. How do I manage to keep it from happening to me when I have so many around me regularly reporting their glum mood to me. The answer lies in the last sentence. So read it carefully if you suffer depression.

The cure for depression is tied up with the care we give to others. If we are the kind of person who wants to give we are safe. If our personality is more of the taking kind then we are at risk. If we want others to solve our problems or even if we rely on others to bring light into our darkness then we are takers not givers. The more we go the taking option the more we get paid back with depression.

This may sound like I am kicking the down. No. I am stating why I believe I don't get depression and others I love do. I am of a giving disposition permanently. It is natural to me and this is why I am happy. Everyone has a choice in this matter. Even when it doesn't feel like it- we do have a choice. Be a taker with the side effects of depression or be a giver and be happy. I love my choice I can tell you.

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