Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's all good

This movie has just been released; The Age of Stupid, a drama-documentary set in a world destroyed by climate change, aims to highlight environmental issues.

I like a good comedy and let's face it, the state of this planet is a tragedy whilst the response by us inhabitants is a comedy. We aren't humans we are ostriches with our heads deeply buried in the sand. If any of us had any kind of motivation left in us we would all be at war right now. And who would we be targeting- the world's leader that's who. The whole lot of them are on a perpetual go slow whilst the world goes down ever faster.

Then I got to thinking----of course---it's really human nature to be extravagant with limited resource. Just think of it. We spend money we don't have and worse we spend time which we don't have. We do these things contrary to the facts in front of us. It's no wonder the Earth is going down. We are consuming it even though it is scarce, rare and irreplaceable. Just look into the sky at night. Do you see any blue bubbles out there that we can jump onto when this one is gone?

But we leave all the lights on when we don't need them we leave the heating on when we are cozy in our beds and we leave the important matter of taking action to relieve the global issues in the hands of just a few egotistical men. We deserve what is coming. And no-one knows what that will be- we can guess-but we've never faced what is coming before so we can't really know. One thing's for sure- it won't be good.

Now. I'm going back to sleep like the rest of you.

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