Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music in the 60's and 70's versus now

Saw an article on Woodstock and the 60's on the age site today. It stated that the 60's werent that special, significant or great. The writers word was "flash". Well let me flash this cocky little arse wiper something-------

Back then music was fresh and new. Now it is stale. The production sounds way better now of course- but it is all cynical marketing formulas. It is all sadly lacking in something that was around in the 60's and 70's. Its called groundbreaking musical creations and innovation. But really it was raw passion. It was never before heard when released then but now it's all been heard before.

So modern little maestros need to show us oldies of Woodstock vintage something new that doesn't sound like something we've heard before -- come up with something that you can truly call your own. Stop relying on a musical movement that was developed in the 60's and give us something that is truly only possible using creative ideas born of today.

Something to compare with Jimi Hendrix for instance. There is not one act I can think of that is of today that could compare to the jaw dropping difference this man presented to the world- his world- our world of the 60's. This one man has blasted all the little piss ants rockers of today away ---from the grave. Watching his performance at Woodstock over the last few days just validated that he was a oncer. But he also represented the passion of the day for newness in all its musical glory. We've had the last 40 years to try and better his effort in terms of groundbreaking and truly new musical creations--- no-one has. Get over it. You'll never silence the boom of us boomers--try as you will-- you all just sound like bleating little sheep to us.

Wah Wah! Boo Hoo! --we can't better our Papas and Mamas. Wah Wah!

Sooky babies!!!!

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