Monday, August 17, 2009

To be or not to be

That is the question. What is the question? To marry or not to marry. To grow fat or to grow skinny. To grow rich or to become poor. To have children or to stay selfish. All kinds of questions go round in our brain. We are kept busy. But I think it is best to just be.

What is just being? It could be sitting in a darkened room alone. Or it could be seen as like a leaf on the wind- just going with it. It could be seen as taking no action and simply letting all unfold around you. It is really to do with doing very little; taking only necessary action; abandoning those that have no real use other than making us think they are necessary at the time-but they are not. Goodness if we were able to look at ourselves from a distance we would see the unnecessary thing we say and do in our lives. We would see that we really don't have free will and that we are driven along by all kinds of pressures we don't see when we are up close and personal with them.

If we could step outside ourselves I wonder what we would think of ourselves. Would we see ourselves as fools or would we be more sympathetic and feel sorrow at our plight? Would we like to kiss ourselves or thrash our spoilt little selves with a big stick?

To be. Nothing else required but to be. Worrying is an option. We really just have to be.

But we know that is just too much to ask----don't we?

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