Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I read back over the posts of the last few days. This came to me. I am struggling to find things to write about. When you really look at my writing- there ain't much in 'em. Ah well. I enjoy the exercise anyway.

I was at the library yesterday. I browsed a couple of books and then found a thin ordinary little book stuck between two big showy ones. I pulled it out and it was so simply written I was able to digest it in a matter of an hour. That's it! It was so simple.

So beautifully simple.

That's how I wish to write; Simply. Beautifully.

Less waffle maybe? More punch maybe?

Yeah! When you really haven't got anything new to say it is best to say it colorfully. That way it is at least an enjoyable read.

And that my friends is what I have been trying to do. I have attempted to throw a bit of colour into the mundane existence I live.

Yes. I am pathetic. Desperate. All those things. But so too are you probably. You just don't realize it probably.


But hopefully I have now alerted you to the fact.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Confirming a New Relationship

The previous post was a real kick in the guts wasn't it?

I am so cavalier. I laugh in the face of death! Death I say, I fart in thy general direction ha hah! I ain't afraid! I wish it were true. The slightest mention of pain, my pain and I am weak at the knees. See how these blogs bring out my true nature? I am multiple personality for sure.

Anyway back to serious matters.

Confirming a new relationship people. In washing, when you hang out underwear to dry that you are not familiar with you know one thing. You're in a new live in relationship.

I'm hanging out underwear that I'm not familiar with. It's female attire so I know it ain't mine. Yep that confirms it. I'm co-habitating again.

See how observant I am?

About me

Gee it's hard to describe my blog to someone who hasn't read any of it. I was trying to do just that last night. If I were to describe what it's about to anyone it would sound a total bore. It probably is! But let me pretend it's not for just one moment.

See. I notice little things. I wonder if others do the same. That's what I do here. I write about the little things. We all would love to involve our time in the big things I know- but the little things really rule our days. I don't understand why so many people think their lives are so important- so large- so well, up there with the world leaders. I can't see it. I guess they are so under the hammer all the time they don't really step back like I do and have a good bloody look at themselves. And they think because they are under the hammer all the time then of course it follows that their life is very very big and important. They don't see that I see their lives as just a mess of over commitment. They can't sniff the roses- they don't have time.

And ya know what? I don't feel guilty in having the time to look at life in the way I do while they battle on. And why the fuck should I. Well, I am fortunate enough to have had just enough failures in my life to send me straight to the bottom. Down here there ain't that much to do and I figure that's where God would have me so here I am- happy and hard at work. Besides, somebody's gotta do it. And somebody's gotta take note. Otherwise the world just goes ever faster and out of control to the common person like me and you. And no-one calls it to account. Whatever "it" is.

So I do this thing of observation and comment here and I tell those around me I do this thing and they read my blog and they look at me in a sort of desperately puzzled and powerless way. I have no idea whether they agree with what I do or not. They are truly non-committal. Because they are caught in the web of their lives of over commitment, of busyness, of sprinting through life, of breeding their offspring and then pandering to their every need, of keeping order in chaos, of earning to keep themselves and others alive. They have their heads down and they are hard at it. Hard at it. And I don't mean to be uncharitable to their situation in saying this. It is an observation--that's all. And I don't condone laziness. We all are busy really myself included. I'm busy. I'm looking and reporting what I see to a world that really would prefer that maybe I didn't but rather put my head up my arse just as they do. It really does keep me busy. And no-one pays me to do it. I do it anyway. I am therefore charitable- don't you think?

But sometimes a person ( me in this case) slips through the net and scurries around like a bewildered rat. And like in the Matrix, sees the setup of our existence for what it really is. And doesn't complain about what he sees. But more laughs at it. Because that's the truly appropriate response to all this living business. Much of it is truly laughable. And if you see it any other way then you, my friend, are truly fucked. Because all that's left then are the tears and the desperation.

So laugh.

Laugh loud.

Laugh long.

And on your death bed when your toil is finally coming to an end- should you have any remaining energy- laugh just before you go. In fact make your last breath a laugh.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Centre of the universe

I saw a card the other day with a young woman pictured on it saying Me Me Me Me Me Me...........No........Really Me!

Today I read that the Hubble telescope has peered yet further into the vast universe and has taken a magnificent photo of galaxies further away from us than ever before. The distance? 13.1 billion light years!!!!!

And here I am on planet Earth. A little blue bubble in an insignificant part of this mind boggling vastness and I am doing the dishes and my universe is right here. And I am the centre of it. But then I thought of that card I saw the other day. No. I am not the centre of the universe. The universe has millions of centres. And they are called women. Young pretty women. Till they get old. Then they are overlooked as all eyes turn to the next wave of young pretty women.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Same words different day

The radio talk goes ever on. For all the english vocabulary at our disposal we use very few words. Like the word Draconian. It is used to describe any move by the government of the day to enact a bill that forces something to happen. Journos use it so regularly it has lost all impact. It's like it is the only word that is show pony enough to stand up to public display when discussing such matters. It can be anything but it must also be dramatic. So here at overthinking I am going to give it a try. I am going to endeavour to roll out some heavy duty words to really give my plain speaking blog a sense of importance and critical purpose. In this way I hope people will at last take me seriously. Because as you well know by now dear reader---I am a deathly serious writer.----Yeah right!!!

So I will write a small piece in my normal simple words and then I will write the same in some powerful words by using the thesaurus for the most colourful synonyms.

Here I go - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went to the solicitor yesterday and he gave me a heads up on my situation with regard to the property settlement impending in my divorce. The news was not good. In fact it was terrible. I'm screwed. The bitch not only left me in the lurch, dick in hand, then jumped into bed with another guy two weeks after she left, but she gets a big fat reward for doing it. It is expected legally that she is entitled to half the house I owned outright when I met her. But what really pisses me off is that I paid that arsehole of a solicitor $110 just to hear that shit. Man! Life is cruel.

Fuck the rest of this excercise--I'm too pissed off to continue. I will write tomorrow---maybe.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The problem with allowing ads on your blog

Ya get those scientology ads--I hate that shit --don't ever think I support it- It's crap!! Can I be more plain?

The way to enlightenment

That's the title of the latest Dalai Lama book. The way to ---- what?

Much is made of this term. It is the one we all believe is beyond our capabilities. It seems, though we may try, we never really get there. Enlightened souls are all too rare or more they are all too invisible. No-one knows who is really enlightened or who is just another slime crawling along the bottom of this muddy pool called life.

It's weird though. A lot of people look at me believing that I, in fact, have it together in some way. They often congratulate me in my ability to maintain composure during crises and such. I guess to them I seem all too smooth. Well I have some little secrets. And I'm gonna let you all into them right here on overthinking:

Fact one: I really haven't got a clue what's going on around me.
Fact two: I don't really give a shit that I don't know what's going on around me. Who would want to know?
Fact three: I am lazy
Fact four: I am defeated. Life did get the better of me and it has improved my mental condition ever since. Being at the bottom is really the best place to be.

When you add up all the facts a relaxed and deeply spiritual existence is a very easy state to fall into. Of course it's all an illusion but it sort of works because in the end you yourself believe that this is what has happened to you. You actually begin to believe that you are enlightened.

Enlightenment therefore means bringing together all the negative aspects of everything and working them in your favour. The trick is to never ever try to improve your life. This is a major mistake many people make. We are supposed to all be bottom feeders it seems and any kind of rise towards the top will be resisted to the max. Go with this resistance and believe me you are in for one very boring and therefore, peaceful life in a state of blissful enlightenment. The reason: the lighter your load the greater you are lighter. See? It all makes sense in the end.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deeper in dishes

You get to a stage in life where you think its all over. You have washed your last dish. You are dead. I thought my life would get ever simpler-less dishes because it will only be me that I will be doing the dishes for. No! I am now doing the dishes for someone elses kids as well as my own. I have added vastly to my dishwashing responsibilities. Am I an idiot? No!

I am just like everyone else in never knowing what life will have me doing next.

I know certain people who hold onto their state of unchanging and the thought of their lives falling apart in any way makes them break into a cold sweat. Oh! What if my partner leaves me- will I find another-- what if this what if that and so on and so on. They feel totally vulnerable and need security in order to function. If they were to encounter any kind of hiccup in their shaky lives ---well they would just fall apart. So they hold onto all types unsuitable people, partners and odd habits they have accumulated during their years of insecurity as though their very life depended upon it. They are in a constant state of freak out big time.

I will never be like that because I now have lost everything. I have freaked out to the max and I gotta say---I like it.

Deeper in dishes is all good. Bring it on!

I got a little dog that shakes for no apparent reason. She will just sit there shaking. There's gotta be some kinda message in that. I just can't see it for the moment. Maybe I'm simply not seeing the problems or if I do maybe I am so simple that I can't understand the gravity of the said problems. Or just maybe I'm just past caring.

Here's my bottom line thinking that may help all you worriers out there. We end up dead. Who gives a shit about all the shit that surrounds us then? When the shit comes flying at me, which it inevitably does from time to time, I just think about me dying and it all just goes the way it should--into nothing-- just like I will one day.

There. Isn't that helpful?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have been silenced

Recent events have pulled me up like a carrot out of the ground. My sisters house burnt down last week and I have vacated my home to allow her and family a place to live. I have lost my sanctuary for the time being and I have been placed in a situation where my desire to write has been temporarily turned off. It may end up permanent. By recent events I think someone is trying to tell me something maybe??? It goes like---shut up--enough enough!!! We are fed up with your constant crap--so here's a turn of events to dislodge you from your complacent banter about doing dishes.

Yep! There is a God--and he's had enough.