Friday, September 18, 2009

Centre of the universe

I saw a card the other day with a young woman pictured on it saying Me Me Me Me Me Me...........No........Really Me!

Today I read that the Hubble telescope has peered yet further into the vast universe and has taken a magnificent photo of galaxies further away from us than ever before. The distance? 13.1 billion light years!!!!!

And here I am on planet Earth. A little blue bubble in an insignificant part of this mind boggling vastness and I am doing the dishes and my universe is right here. And I am the centre of it. But then I thought of that card I saw the other day. No. I am not the centre of the universe. The universe has millions of centres. And they are called women. Young pretty women. Till they get old. Then they are overlooked as all eyes turn to the next wave of young pretty women.

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Pixiez said...

Agreed!My thoughts exactly as oflast week!Things are hard enough,us females make it harder,were ruled by emotion,remember Venus is a whole different ball game to Mars.