Friday, September 25, 2009

Confirming a New Relationship

The previous post was a real kick in the guts wasn't it?

I am so cavalier. I laugh in the face of death! Death I say, I fart in thy general direction ha hah! I ain't afraid! I wish it were true. The slightest mention of pain, my pain and I am weak at the knees. See how these blogs bring out my true nature? I am multiple personality for sure.

Anyway back to serious matters.

Confirming a new relationship people. In washing, when you hang out underwear to dry that you are not familiar with you know one thing. You're in a new live in relationship.

I'm hanging out underwear that I'm not familiar with. It's female attire so I know it ain't mine. Yep that confirms it. I'm co-habitating again.

See how observant I am?

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