Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deeper in dishes

You get to a stage in life where you think its all over. You have washed your last dish. You are dead. I thought my life would get ever simpler-less dishes because it will only be me that I will be doing the dishes for. No! I am now doing the dishes for someone elses kids as well as my own. I have added vastly to my dishwashing responsibilities. Am I an idiot? No!

I am just like everyone else in never knowing what life will have me doing next.

I know certain people who hold onto their state of unchanging and the thought of their lives falling apart in any way makes them break into a cold sweat. Oh! What if my partner leaves me- will I find another-- what if this what if that and so on and so on. They feel totally vulnerable and need security in order to function. If they were to encounter any kind of hiccup in their shaky lives ---well they would just fall apart. So they hold onto all types unsuitable people, partners and odd habits they have accumulated during their years of insecurity as though their very life depended upon it. They are in a constant state of freak out big time.

I will never be like that because I now have lost everything. I have freaked out to the max and I gotta say---I like it.

Deeper in dishes is all good. Bring it on!

I got a little dog that shakes for no apparent reason. She will just sit there shaking. There's gotta be some kinda message in that. I just can't see it for the moment. Maybe I'm simply not seeing the problems or if I do maybe I am so simple that I can't understand the gravity of the said problems. Or just maybe I'm just past caring.

Here's my bottom line thinking that may help all you worriers out there. We end up dead. Who gives a shit about all the shit that surrounds us then? When the shit comes flying at me, which it inevitably does from time to time, I just think about me dying and it all just goes the way it should--into nothing-- just like I will one day.

There. Isn't that helpful?

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