Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I read back over the posts of the last few days. This came to me. I am struggling to find things to write about. When you really look at my writing- there ain't much in 'em. Ah well. I enjoy the exercise anyway.

I was at the library yesterday. I browsed a couple of books and then found a thin ordinary little book stuck between two big showy ones. I pulled it out and it was so simply written I was able to digest it in a matter of an hour. That's it! It was so simple.

So beautifully simple.

That's how I wish to write; Simply. Beautifully.

Less waffle maybe? More punch maybe?

Yeah! When you really haven't got anything new to say it is best to say it colorfully. That way it is at least an enjoyable read.

And that my friends is what I have been trying to do. I have attempted to throw a bit of colour into the mundane existence I live.

Yes. I am pathetic. Desperate. All those things. But so too are you probably. You just don't realize it probably.


But hopefully I have now alerted you to the fact.

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