Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Same words different day

The radio talk goes ever on. For all the english vocabulary at our disposal we use very few words. Like the word Draconian. It is used to describe any move by the government of the day to enact a bill that forces something to happen. Journos use it so regularly it has lost all impact. It's like it is the only word that is show pony enough to stand up to public display when discussing such matters. It can be anything but it must also be dramatic. So here at overthinking I am going to give it a try. I am going to endeavour to roll out some heavy duty words to really give my plain speaking blog a sense of importance and critical purpose. In this way I hope people will at last take me seriously. Because as you well know by now dear reader---I am a deathly serious writer.----Yeah right!!!

So I will write a small piece in my normal simple words and then I will write the same in some powerful words by using the thesaurus for the most colourful synonyms.

Here I go - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went to the solicitor yesterday and he gave me a heads up on my situation with regard to the property settlement impending in my divorce. The news was not good. In fact it was terrible. I'm screwed. The bitch not only left me in the lurch, dick in hand, then jumped into bed with another guy two weeks after she left, but she gets a big fat reward for doing it. It is expected legally that she is entitled to half the house I owned outright when I met her. But what really pisses me off is that I paid that arsehole of a solicitor $110 just to hear that shit. Man! Life is cruel.

Fuck the rest of this excercise--I'm too pissed off to continue. I will write tomorrow---maybe.

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