Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The way to enlightenment

That's the title of the latest Dalai Lama book. The way to ---- what?

Much is made of this term. It is the one we all believe is beyond our capabilities. It seems, though we may try, we never really get there. Enlightened souls are all too rare or more they are all too invisible. No-one knows who is really enlightened or who is just another slime crawling along the bottom of this muddy pool called life.

It's weird though. A lot of people look at me believing that I, in fact, have it together in some way. They often congratulate me in my ability to maintain composure during crises and such. I guess to them I seem all too smooth. Well I have some little secrets. And I'm gonna let you all into them right here on overthinking:

Fact one: I really haven't got a clue what's going on around me.
Fact two: I don't really give a shit that I don't know what's going on around me. Who would want to know?
Fact three: I am lazy
Fact four: I am defeated. Life did get the better of me and it has improved my mental condition ever since. Being at the bottom is really the best place to be.

When you add up all the facts a relaxed and deeply spiritual existence is a very easy state to fall into. Of course it's all an illusion but it sort of works because in the end you yourself believe that this is what has happened to you. You actually begin to believe that you are enlightened.

Enlightenment therefore means bringing together all the negative aspects of everything and working them in your favour. The trick is to never ever try to improve your life. This is a major mistake many people make. We are supposed to all be bottom feeders it seems and any kind of rise towards the top will be resisted to the max. Go with this resistance and believe me you are in for one very boring and therefore, peaceful life in a state of blissful enlightenment. The reason: the lighter your load the greater you are lighter. See? It all makes sense in the end.

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