Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some 35 years ago I moved out of the suburbs up into the Ranges about 60 km from the city. The reason- to escape the hustle and bustle, which I saw at the time as the most annoying aspect of day to day life. It was all too much to bear.

Circumstance has me back in the suburbs temporarily and I must report I feel I was a very wise young man for at least some stage of my life because I had the wisdom to piss off from this shit. I am so glad that 90 plus % of the population are stupid. They all live down here and some even enjoy it because they think that they have a life surrounded by amenities. And they are all very safe from the bushfires which they think are gonna happen every year forever now because we had a big bushfire last year and it's only going to keep going and probably get worse. Such is the nature of living in the world that is fixated with doomsday prediction.

So here is an example of suburban bliss. I go to bed earlier down here. As an artist I like to be a bit of a night owl. It is wonderful up in the hills when it is quiet and dark . The imagination runs wild at these times and in a good way not a spooky way. But if I do that down here I will soon severely lack sleep. I must fit in to the environment here which is all to do with other people living in little boxes right next door to each other.

At 2 am. I am awoken by the huge bark of the many dogs who live next door and they continue barking for about an hour. No control whatsoever by the creature who lurks in the house next to this one I am in. He obviously likes the sound of his dogs barking in the we hours. It makes him feel safe in the knowledge that they are on guard or something.

At 6am. the baby starlings start their racket. The place is filled with every pest known to man. There are many mynas pecking at the roof trying to build nests and there are starlings coming in and out with insects feeding their young. It's nature but in the worst possible way for a tired man who has been kept awake by the natural way of dogs.

Joining into this wonderful cacophony is the sound of earthmoving equipment next door because the developer likes to get an early start so he can knock off early, There is all this construction goin on down here and it never stops because there is always something that needs to be constructed. Then some guy out on the street decides to put his vehicle in reverse and he is so safety conscious he has put a reversing warning beep on his vehicle. And he leaves it in reverse for say, oh, maybe---------- 15 minutes.

So the noises we have at this time--- let's count 'em

Dogs barking

Starling Chicks constantly chirping for food

Prospective bird parents tapping on the tin to find nesting spots

Earth movers with loud deisel engines

Metal on metal caused by some manoeuvrings

Hammers and nails

Power saws

Nail Guns

Tradesmen voices

Radios turned to max to keep the tradies amused

Truck on the street in reverse with the beep beep device locked on.

Dogs barking on the other side of the house from the other neighbour.

The hum of city bound traffic on the main arterial roads near by.

My girlfriends kids and their its morning and a new day banter etc

Now I know I shouldn't sweat small stuff. I know I shouldn't complain. I'm just an old grump. I gotta be more tolerant. I shouldn't let things get to me. And all the other condescending crappy comments the wimps would say to me if I utter the slightest criticism of this wonderful environment and its magnificent amenities.

But I fucking hate this place and I want out and back to my beautiful hills. Whilst you read this last sentence feel my anger. It is there- it is real and I want it to be there and be real because it is righteous anger. I hate this noisy environment and people oughtta wake up themselves and spread out and get the fuck away from each other.

But hang on-- then they would spread out up into the hills. No! Stay down here people. It's great. Yes you have it right. The amenity. It's fantastic. Stay here. Here is great!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I could have written this---- but I didn't:

Never argue with a stupid person.
First they’ll drag you down to their level,
then they will beat you with experience.

Then I could add:

Why bother?


You never know who is stupid anyway because you yourself are stupid.

No. I wouldn't have written the quote. It's too stupid!

Compressed, reduced, distilled

Just read an article by a guy at the State Library who talks about the change in what and how we read. To do this the library has drawn on it's archives of magazine samplers. It regularly batch samples around 200 magazine of a certain year for example: 1975 1981 and 2006. You can read it here- if you can stay focused long enough.

No one wants to read lots of words these days. They are on the lookout for instant gratification and that includes in their reading methods. " Gimme the bottom line---NOW!!"

So no surprise in the fact that the magazines these days are short on words and big on image.

This is unlike here on my carefully constructed attempts at writing. I try and use as many words as I possibly can. I do this because I hate the shortness of everything including life. So I reject the quick in favour of the slow. I reject the impression in favour of the detail. I reject the short in favour of the long way home. I despise the pace of todays world- the human world that is. I like slow and long.

It's like sex. Forget the quickie. I like slow and long. Not too long. But long enough to really savour the pleasure. If we hold back in the area of sex we know we get a far better climax in the end. Why don't we apply the same to other parts of our life?

Nup!. Get it over with. I wanna be done with this reading and just get to the crunch. I can't be bothered going through all these words. What a waste of my valuable time. I am precious and I must meter out every action.

So I will keep writing these long winded essays on nothing people. Your avoidance will not stop me. One day they will be a very important glimpse of an overthinking man's mind in the early part of the electronic revolution. You know- when I am dead and all that- much like my art will be too. It's a shame we gotta die before we get to be significant.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Although I approach old age I still can't stop feeling like I am young in many ways. I know this doesn't sound good. I should age gracefully I know. You know? Just shuffle along in a very camouflaged way and not disturb the attention of a youth obsessed world. But I can't.

I don't totally embarrass myself though. I'm not a total dick. But I do engage in areas of conversation that are probably best left to the younger person. And somehow I get away with it. I suppose it's because I am an artist and this somehow gives me a pass in terms of boundaries and restrictions. I have some innate credential.

You see. I don't talk about all the young stuff just impress the young. I do it because I find young culture more interesting than that of my peers. Shit!. Most of my late 50's counterparts are glued to football on TV or down the pub getting pissed yet again or fixing the palings on the back fence or some other such enlightening pastime. They are boring. The young are not boring. So I invade their turf I'm afraid. And thank goodness they sort of allow the older bloke in and share their little cultural things with me and I drink at the fountain of their youth and I don't even feel guilty. Because we share. I don't just take. I share by comparing how I used to think when I was their age and they enjoy it.

As life goes by it is ever more difficult to be fascinated. One can be interested or mildly amused but fascination is a whole different thing. I want to stay fascinated. Not bored--- nooo--- fascinated.

Then you have the other side to the coin.

The above bit was so happy warm and fuzzy wasn't it?

Here's the Mr. Hide.

Those young smart arses of today's youth are so pumped up with themselves. They think they are so cool consuming the technology which none of them had any part of inventing. Then they throw it in our faces like they are so hip and cool using it. Their whole culture is so derivative. They haven't added a damn thing to the whole mix. They have just had better tools to work with. Tools that past generation put in place for them to use. Yet they remain pumped up with their magnificence. Not only that they look at us with scorn. They want us to move on. To leave it all to them. To take our baby booming hands off the reins. They hate that we are the controllers. They think they are more than ready to take over from us- we are seen as tired and decrepit old fools. Their culture is where it is at. Those who I speak of are the ageists. Those little smart arses who think their generation shits all over ours. Because they have our toys they think they own the world we still rule. And not one of them has put in the effort. For instance: When are they gonna come up with some song that hasn't been ripped off from my generation ? Where's their invention of something like an electric guitar? They've done nothing except consume so far and it's time they came up with their own shit instead of feeling clever with our shit. We are the colourful flower power children, the ones who brought the cultural revolution- my generation. these latest parasites are just feeders nothing else. Try hard feeders!

We are the ones that polluted this planet so therefore we are the ones that did all the work. See!

Oops. I think I just shot myself in the foot.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Life. The neverending drudgery or the existence? Whatever it is, it is all we have. Enjoy or not.


Truth. It is out there. But is it in here?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey! Come on in.

I was just thinking about belief. Nothing new here. And I was asking myself; Why is it that people are so eager to have others adopt their beliefs? I thought; it's probably to do with the need to feel like they are believing the truth of all things. Because if no-one believes what they believe then they feel very much wrong. And we simply hate being wrong or seen to be wrong don't we. Nothing new here.

So that simple little paragraph answers why religions exist and continue to exist. People are introduced to someone's belief then they are given the insecurity of believing that if they don't have a belief then they are missing out or worse damned for eternity. See it is all self perpetuating. Nothing new here.

So everyone goes on believing what they believe and try to sell others what they believe because it makes them feel comfortable. We like to feel comfortable. Nothing new here.---- Ahhhh. I'm bored with that. Just pretend that I have acknowledged that I am unoriginal all the time in future writings. I'm sick of typing it already. I will remind you of its lack of originality from time to time only when I think there is an illusion that I have written something original. This won't happen very often thank goodness.

Back to it----

But here's the clincher. In their attempt to feel comfortable they have made themselves uncomfortable because they have to create a framework around them in their minds that makes it permanently reasonable for their belief to be the truth all the time. And this is where the F bomb comes in. No, not that one, I refer to the word faith. It's the door shutter. Once you throw that one around you can have a rest. All you have to do at the slightest sign of discomfort, like when someone actually backs you into a corner by showing you how imbecilic you are in your belief, is to drop the F bomb. That is, you either tell them to fuck off or you say you gotta have faith which is the same thing anyway.

Nothing new

I am an artist and I specialize in trying to come up with unique and original things. I was just at the dishes and I thought in retrospect, I have never had a brand new idea or thought in my life. What I mean by that is every thought I have ever had has been had by someone else at some other time or maybe even at the same time. That about wraps it up for our much admired originality. So nothing new here.

I'm going to start inserting this small clause into all my writings from now on- nothing new here. It's the only way to defuse the readers ire at my lack of originality. If he knows I know that he knows that I am not saying anything new or original he may feel that at least I sympathize with his quest to find new information. Something like that/ nothing new here. Hey there's the other bit to the small aside clause --"sorta like that/nothing new here" Maybe we could all start adding an abbreviated version of this little aside much like LOL to our text messages. SLT/NNH. It looks sort of cool doesn't it? SLT/NNH. And this follows on from my rant yesterday about the word Like being used all the time. I'm very consistent aren't I? SLT/NNH

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's like

I know, like, I have spoken of this before. But, like, I think it's time I really had a go at it for real.

When you listen to, like, young women talk, like, you notice, like, that they always like use like as a pause to every sentence they like utter. Like has obviously like replaced umm. But it like sounds more like classy---not.

And like, the other like thing I like notice is that they like always end a sentence on an upsweep. It's like it's going to be a question but it's like not.

All in all it like shits me so bad listening to their infantile dross that I feel like saying fuck between every fucking word I fucking say to them and finish on a down sweep that sounds like a guttural roar from a beast of hell. You know? Just to even thing up a bit. But I don't wish to sound common. There's nothing worse than people who are trying to be neatly common and youthful by speaking with like and upsweeps in every sentence. They just don't have the guts to be straight out common. The worst part of it all is that they really think they sound cool by doing it. Herd animals- all of 'em!

Friday, October 9, 2009


My father was short tempered and grumpy towards the end of his life. I had a patch a few years ago where I seemed to be constantly in a grumpy/ grouchy mood. This until I woke up. Being grumpy doesn't do anything. So I stopped. I don't know how I did it. I think I just sort of gave up on it.

I know most people simply can't help themselves. If they are sad or angry- they are sad or angry and that's it. One can't be expected to take control of oneself really can they? You feel as you feel and that's it.

I feel, ummm,------- I don't know how I feel. I am unable to really define how I feel right now. I am---- feeling nothing in particular.

I think that means I'm feeling good. Ok. That's how we should feel to feel good----nothing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Will

The last posting was a prelude to this one. Just how free are we?

I know many people who find my belief that free will is an illusion to be very confronting. Pity really because if they gave it a go they would come to a very peaceful and accepting place such as I have found through this belief.

I don't believe in superstitious notions such as the devil and sin and all that phoney easy- way- out stuff put up by religions as an exercise in free will by ignoring temptation placed in front of us by the mythical bad dude and all that shit. They put this up just to keep people on their toes and needing the religious nonsense that they are peddling for the purpose of self sustaining their institutions. Fear keeps the bums on their seats.

So how do I prove my point?

I can put it really simply so that anyone can understand it. We have no free will. If we had free will we would never do the dishes, ever, and our homes would be to the roof in dirty dishes from day one of our lives. The dishes suck so bad that we would choose never to do them---ever!!! This is not the case and we are always doing dishes. We therefore friends, do not have free will. We are compelled to stay on top of the dishes. Where's the freedom in that?

And it's the same with all other things in our life. See how simply I have explained my belief? You would have to agree now wouldn't you?


Obstinate bastard! Or my argument is flawed. You are free to choose your opinion here. Oops! I think I just blew my argument.

Alone here with my thoughts

I am trying to cram so much into my life at times. I have a graphic project going on at the computer whilst I am reading a book on the desk beside me also whilst I pick up my latest crochet project and stitch a few rows--all this -all at once. Man I am one busy bee! I simply can't do enough in every minute of the day to satisfy my wish to do stuff. And because I like all the stuff equally I do them all at once because I simply can't choose which one to prioritize. It's like I sense time running out and I have so much yet to do.

And whilst I busily do all this stuff simultaneously thoughts weave themselves into the mix. And I mean this in the literal sense. Thoughts weave themselves .

Why do the weird thoughts we have just jump into our minds? Apparently the first sign of madness is uncontrollable thoughts. But who can control their thoughts? We must be all mad I think. I will be happily washing the dishes off in my own little world and a creepy thought will just jump in. You know the ones? They are too crass or too sick to mention but in they come- out of the blue. Then our job is to put them out of our mind as soon as possible. We are so lucky we are not a telepathic species. We would truly be freaked out by the thoughts surrounding us if we were . It's bad enough freaking ourselves out- but to hear others too would be, well, a nightmare!

People are so poker faced aren't they? They can be having the grossest creepiest horror of a thought and it may be the urge to mutilate you mercilessly with a blunt knife but they carry on right in front of us as though nothing is going on inside them. Or what about the lecherous types? Women often complain about the leering male they encounter but what they don't realize even the most meek and mild individual may be having worse thoughts than the man who is not too good at covering it up. In fact all males at some time in their lives experiences porno right there in their head right in front of their target and the target becomes the star- in their head-- hidden away- but there nevertheless.

Thoughts. We live with them. But where do they come from? Who is the sicko sending them in? It can't be me. I'm too good for these thoughts. Aren't I?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Believing 2

Then again. If we don't have a belief in God then we don't think we are very important so then we undervalue our existence. But we will never undervalue our existence whilst we are alive and if we do then we commit suicide apparently because we have no reason to live, And now I am going round in circles and I am lost as usual.


We all know that the universe is really big. This is an understatement really. I am dumbing this blog site down. It's been aiming at the high brow intellectual in the past and I feel it may be best to talk more to the common person ( read not- so- bright)

Anyway we know the universe is really big, remember? See that's easier! But we can't really grasp how big because we are really very small by comparison. But we are able to think. We have a brain. So we think we are bigger than we really are. Or we refuse to accept that we are really not very important because we can think. We think therefore we are important. Get it?

Well this is where belief comes in. In order for us to feel very important we had to believe that we were created by the creator of the whole big thing for some special purpose and that we matter in some special way to this creator. In this way we can feel more important than we really are.

See. We refuse to be humble. Even when we say we are so humble and God is so great. The very fact that we believe in God means that we are not. Because we have created Him in order to make ourselves bigger than we really are.

There. Another gem of wisdom from the master. See how humble I am?