Friday, October 2, 2009


We all know that the universe is really big. This is an understatement really. I am dumbing this blog site down. It's been aiming at the high brow intellectual in the past and I feel it may be best to talk more to the common person ( read not- so- bright)

Anyway we know the universe is really big, remember? See that's easier! But we can't really grasp how big because we are really very small by comparison. But we are able to think. We have a brain. So we think we are bigger than we really are. Or we refuse to accept that we are really not very important because we can think. We think therefore we are important. Get it?

Well this is where belief comes in. In order for us to feel very important we had to believe that we were created by the creator of the whole big thing for some special purpose and that we matter in some special way to this creator. In this way we can feel more important than we really are.

See. We refuse to be humble. Even when we say we are so humble and God is so great. The very fact that we believe in God means that we are not. Because we have created Him in order to make ourselves bigger than we really are.

There. Another gem of wisdom from the master. See how humble I am?

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