Saturday, October 24, 2009

Compressed, reduced, distilled

Just read an article by a guy at the State Library who talks about the change in what and how we read. To do this the library has drawn on it's archives of magazine samplers. It regularly batch samples around 200 magazine of a certain year for example: 1975 1981 and 2006. You can read it here- if you can stay focused long enough.

No one wants to read lots of words these days. They are on the lookout for instant gratification and that includes in their reading methods. " Gimme the bottom line---NOW!!"

So no surprise in the fact that the magazines these days are short on words and big on image.

This is unlike here on my carefully constructed attempts at writing. I try and use as many words as I possibly can. I do this because I hate the shortness of everything including life. So I reject the quick in favour of the slow. I reject the impression in favour of the detail. I reject the short in favour of the long way home. I despise the pace of todays world- the human world that is. I like slow and long.

It's like sex. Forget the quickie. I like slow and long. Not too long. But long enough to really savour the pleasure. If we hold back in the area of sex we know we get a far better climax in the end. Why don't we apply the same to other parts of our life?

Nup!. Get it over with. I wanna be done with this reading and just get to the crunch. I can't be bothered going through all these words. What a waste of my valuable time. I am precious and I must meter out every action.

So I will keep writing these long winded essays on nothing people. Your avoidance will not stop me. One day they will be a very important glimpse of an overthinking man's mind in the early part of the electronic revolution. You know- when I am dead and all that- much like my art will be too. It's a shame we gotta die before we get to be significant.

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