Friday, October 23, 2009


Although I approach old age I still can't stop feeling like I am young in many ways. I know this doesn't sound good. I should age gracefully I know. You know? Just shuffle along in a very camouflaged way and not disturb the attention of a youth obsessed world. But I can't.

I don't totally embarrass myself though. I'm not a total dick. But I do engage in areas of conversation that are probably best left to the younger person. And somehow I get away with it. I suppose it's because I am an artist and this somehow gives me a pass in terms of boundaries and restrictions. I have some innate credential.

You see. I don't talk about all the young stuff just impress the young. I do it because I find young culture more interesting than that of my peers. Shit!. Most of my late 50's counterparts are glued to football on TV or down the pub getting pissed yet again or fixing the palings on the back fence or some other such enlightening pastime. They are boring. The young are not boring. So I invade their turf I'm afraid. And thank goodness they sort of allow the older bloke in and share their little cultural things with me and I drink at the fountain of their youth and I don't even feel guilty. Because we share. I don't just take. I share by comparing how I used to think when I was their age and they enjoy it.

As life goes by it is ever more difficult to be fascinated. One can be interested or mildly amused but fascination is a whole different thing. I want to stay fascinated. Not bored--- nooo--- fascinated.

Then you have the other side to the coin.

The above bit was so happy warm and fuzzy wasn't it?

Here's the Mr. Hide.

Those young smart arses of today's youth are so pumped up with themselves. They think they are so cool consuming the technology which none of them had any part of inventing. Then they throw it in our faces like they are so hip and cool using it. Their whole culture is so derivative. They haven't added a damn thing to the whole mix. They have just had better tools to work with. Tools that past generation put in place for them to use. Yet they remain pumped up with their magnificence. Not only that they look at us with scorn. They want us to move on. To leave it all to them. To take our baby booming hands off the reins. They hate that we are the controllers. They think they are more than ready to take over from us- we are seen as tired and decrepit old fools. Their culture is where it is at. Those who I speak of are the ageists. Those little smart arses who think their generation shits all over ours. Because they have our toys they think they own the world we still rule. And not one of them has put in the effort. For instance: When are they gonna come up with some song that hasn't been ripped off from my generation ? Where's their invention of something like an electric guitar? They've done nothing except consume so far and it's time they came up with their own shit instead of feeling clever with our shit. We are the colourful flower power children, the ones who brought the cultural revolution- my generation. these latest parasites are just feeders nothing else. Try hard feeders!

We are the ones that polluted this planet so therefore we are the ones that did all the work. See!

Oops. I think I just shot myself in the foot.

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