Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Will

The last posting was a prelude to this one. Just how free are we?

I know many people who find my belief that free will is an illusion to be very confronting. Pity really because if they gave it a go they would come to a very peaceful and accepting place such as I have found through this belief.

I don't believe in superstitious notions such as the devil and sin and all that phoney easy- way- out stuff put up by religions as an exercise in free will by ignoring temptation placed in front of us by the mythical bad dude and all that shit. They put this up just to keep people on their toes and needing the religious nonsense that they are peddling for the purpose of self sustaining their institutions. Fear keeps the bums on their seats.

So how do I prove my point?

I can put it really simply so that anyone can understand it. We have no free will. If we had free will we would never do the dishes, ever, and our homes would be to the roof in dirty dishes from day one of our lives. The dishes suck so bad that we would choose never to do them---ever!!! This is not the case and we are always doing dishes. We therefore friends, do not have free will. We are compelled to stay on top of the dishes. Where's the freedom in that?

And it's the same with all other things in our life. See how simply I have explained my belief? You would have to agree now wouldn't you?


Obstinate bastard! Or my argument is flawed. You are free to choose your opinion here. Oops! I think I just blew my argument.

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