Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey! Come on in.

I was just thinking about belief. Nothing new here. And I was asking myself; Why is it that people are so eager to have others adopt their beliefs? I thought; it's probably to do with the need to feel like they are believing the truth of all things. Because if no-one believes what they believe then they feel very much wrong. And we simply hate being wrong or seen to be wrong don't we. Nothing new here.

So that simple little paragraph answers why religions exist and continue to exist. People are introduced to someone's belief then they are given the insecurity of believing that if they don't have a belief then they are missing out or worse damned for eternity. See it is all self perpetuating. Nothing new here.

So everyone goes on believing what they believe and try to sell others what they believe because it makes them feel comfortable. We like to feel comfortable. Nothing new here.---- Ahhhh. I'm bored with that. Just pretend that I have acknowledged that I am unoriginal all the time in future writings. I'm sick of typing it already. I will remind you of its lack of originality from time to time only when I think there is an illusion that I have written something original. This won't happen very often thank goodness.

Back to it----

But here's the clincher. In their attempt to feel comfortable they have made themselves uncomfortable because they have to create a framework around them in their minds that makes it permanently reasonable for their belief to be the truth all the time. And this is where the F bomb comes in. No, not that one, I refer to the word faith. It's the door shutter. Once you throw that one around you can have a rest. All you have to do at the slightest sign of discomfort, like when someone actually backs you into a corner by showing you how imbecilic you are in your belief, is to drop the F bomb. That is, you either tell them to fuck off or you say you gotta have faith which is the same thing anyway.

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