Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some 35 years ago I moved out of the suburbs up into the Ranges about 60 km from the city. The reason- to escape the hustle and bustle, which I saw at the time as the most annoying aspect of day to day life. It was all too much to bear.

Circumstance has me back in the suburbs temporarily and I must report I feel I was a very wise young man for at least some stage of my life because I had the wisdom to piss off from this shit. I am so glad that 90 plus % of the population are stupid. They all live down here and some even enjoy it because they think that they have a life surrounded by amenities. And they are all very safe from the bushfires which they think are gonna happen every year forever now because we had a big bushfire last year and it's only going to keep going and probably get worse. Such is the nature of living in the world that is fixated with doomsday prediction.

So here is an example of suburban bliss. I go to bed earlier down here. As an artist I like to be a bit of a night owl. It is wonderful up in the hills when it is quiet and dark . The imagination runs wild at these times and in a good way not a spooky way. But if I do that down here I will soon severely lack sleep. I must fit in to the environment here which is all to do with other people living in little boxes right next door to each other.

At 2 am. I am awoken by the huge bark of the many dogs who live next door and they continue barking for about an hour. No control whatsoever by the creature who lurks in the house next to this one I am in. He obviously likes the sound of his dogs barking in the we hours. It makes him feel safe in the knowledge that they are on guard or something.

At 6am. the baby starlings start their racket. The place is filled with every pest known to man. There are many mynas pecking at the roof trying to build nests and there are starlings coming in and out with insects feeding their young. It's nature but in the worst possible way for a tired man who has been kept awake by the natural way of dogs.

Joining into this wonderful cacophony is the sound of earthmoving equipment next door because the developer likes to get an early start so he can knock off early, There is all this construction goin on down here and it never stops because there is always something that needs to be constructed. Then some guy out on the street decides to put his vehicle in reverse and he is so safety conscious he has put a reversing warning beep on his vehicle. And he leaves it in reverse for say, oh, maybe---------- 15 minutes.

So the noises we have at this time--- let's count 'em

Dogs barking

Starling Chicks constantly chirping for food

Prospective bird parents tapping on the tin to find nesting spots

Earth movers with loud deisel engines

Metal on metal caused by some manoeuvrings

Hammers and nails

Power saws

Nail Guns

Tradesmen voices

Radios turned to max to keep the tradies amused

Truck on the street in reverse with the beep beep device locked on.

Dogs barking on the other side of the house from the other neighbour.

The hum of city bound traffic on the main arterial roads near by.

My girlfriends kids and their its morning and a new day banter etc

Now I know I shouldn't sweat small stuff. I know I shouldn't complain. I'm just an old grump. I gotta be more tolerant. I shouldn't let things get to me. And all the other condescending crappy comments the wimps would say to me if I utter the slightest criticism of this wonderful environment and its magnificent amenities.

But I fucking hate this place and I want out and back to my beautiful hills. Whilst you read this last sentence feel my anger. It is there- it is real and I want it to be there and be real because it is righteous anger. I hate this noisy environment and people oughtta wake up themselves and spread out and get the fuck away from each other.

But hang on-- then they would spread out up into the hills. No! Stay down here people. It's great. Yes you have it right. The amenity. It's fantastic. Stay here. Here is great!!!

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