Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nothing new

I am an artist and I specialize in trying to come up with unique and original things. I was just at the dishes and I thought in retrospect, I have never had a brand new idea or thought in my life. What I mean by that is every thought I have ever had has been had by someone else at some other time or maybe even at the same time. That about wraps it up for our much admired originality. So nothing new here.

I'm going to start inserting this small clause into all my writings from now on- nothing new here. It's the only way to defuse the readers ire at my lack of originality. If he knows I know that he knows that I am not saying anything new or original he may feel that at least I sympathize with his quest to find new information. Something like that/ nothing new here. Hey there's the other bit to the small aside clause --"sorta like that/nothing new here" Maybe we could all start adding an abbreviated version of this little aside much like LOL to our text messages. SLT/NNH. It looks sort of cool doesn't it? SLT/NNH. And this follows on from my rant yesterday about the word Like being used all the time. I'm very consistent aren't I? SLT/NNH

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