Saturday, November 28, 2009

Most of what we say is just noise

I have put up so many posts now that the underlying message I have to give is finally shining through.

The message is: I have nothing to say.

All of our words have little purpose. Like the background noise from space they are simply vibrations in time. The words I refer to are those various opinions we air daily. Such as those I write here; it's all just chatter.

Lets be real. Who really listens? Who really reads? We are all putting up our opinions and basically ignoring or at the very least giving little attention to anyone else's opinion. Oh unless it in some way attacks our person-then we are at it big time.

The climate debate is a classic example of what a waste of time debate is. Nothing gets done because we are too busy debating each other. It's the same in our simple daily lives. although it may not appear that we are indulging in open debate every day -we are. We are constantly debating. We read something and then we have to process it- do we agree or disagree- then why do we agree or disagree- all this is done internally all the time all day long.

I look at all those facebook junkies and twitter twits- they go with the public show. I go with it here. But its all worth nothing. It's just noise. noise that occurs around events.

So what kinds of noise are important.

Well if the building is burning Fire!!! is a good word.

For me: What about a bit of nooky is about the most useful and rewarding thing I would say in my day. But only if I get it of course!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home again part 1

Altruism. It's the way of holy people. It's when you give rather than take. I walked out of my home recently because a member of my family lost theirs in a fire. I felt good doing that. I just up and walked off. Here- you and your family- have my place I'll just go stay somewhere else.

Now I thought that was pretty good of me. I felt good being so ---altruistic---- and I thought that when I die this thing would certainly give me those extra angel points in the eyes of the big bloke and therefore elevate me to a fairly comfy cloud. I was all cozy with my goody two shoes act. But apparently I was just profiteering according to my dear sibling's text messages over the last few days after they moved on

-- Whooooaaaa! You think. What the fuck? Well lets go back a couple of months:

Mobile Phone rings: "Peter. My house has burnt to the ground!" Shit!. So off I goes to witness the devastation. Turns out it was an exaggeration but there was sufficient damage to render the house as uninhabitable. Then I thinks. My house is not big enough for the whole of their family and me and daughter. I got it! Me and my daughter will move out instantly so they have a roof over their heads and we will stay elsewhere because we have somewhere else to stay this being my girlfriend's place which is pretty crowded anyway so what's another two?

So all's well. I am the hero to one and all. They can get their house fixed. We will live elsewhere for the time being. We had to simply jump out of our home at a moments notice. This is not an easy thing to do I can tell you.

One would think that the story would be all good from there. But no!

You see they lost their 7 dogs in the fire. A terrible thing. Heart wrenching. But count 'em. Seven! So of course the first thing you do is to replace what has been lost. It helps in the grieving. So they gets a pup. A big pup. Didn't wait for a more appropriate time to do this- like when they get back home No. Didn't sort of ask if I was cool with that in my home. No. They just go out and gets a big, no, huge pup. One that will piss and shit all over my home and chew everything it can find and rip fly wire and scratch newly painted surfaces and leave huge turds all over the place for me to discover. But you know what? I didn't complain. Aren't I the saint-- true altruism eh? Then they gets another dog because they felt sorry for it and it was from their previous dogs litter so in comes another dog. A barking little horror. And this dog hated me. Every time I entered my own house the thing barked at me and shot out from under the table trying to nip me. Oh. I forgot there was another cat in the mix. It used one of its nine lives and survived the fire. And of course it had to sleep in my bed which I left for them and it had to have its litter tray nearby next to my bed. See? It is all painting a picture here isn't it? Even blind Freddy can see what's going on. I am being taken for granted.

The risk one suffers when they do altruistic things is that they can be taken for granted.

So here it is. My small home is stacked to the roof with people and animals. My own poor cat is relegated to the gallery area at the front of my house. It is so crowded out with interlopers that he withdrew and would not enter his old home. So he sat hissing, pissing and shitting in my once pristine and beautiful art gallery for several months. He did what any faithful cat would do. He entered the resistance movement and his weapons were chemical. He figured if he worked hard enough at stinking them out with his piss and shit they would not be able to stand it and they would leave. Oh the stink of it now. Cat's piss! Ahhhh! The problem is they retaliated with far more weaponry in the form of a huge pissing pup and several other animals to boot.

Any ways earlier on the family make me an offer to pay some rent. Well they directed their insurance company to pay me some rent. It sounded like a fair deal. I felt I should be paying something for my temp accommodation at my girlfriend's so this would pay for that and leave me some over even which is all good. Here was my mistake. I accepted to receive rent from them , well from their insurance I say again- no cost to them. But I will go into that further on later. The thing with receiving rent is that it then gives a feeling of ownership on the part of the persons who are paying the rent. They think that my place is now open to whatever they want to do with it. So it is trashed I guess pretty much like they would their own place. They, in their minds saw my run down little cottage as pretty much fully worn out in the first place and therefore they saw no need to pick it up whatsoever. It was basic survival for these busy busy residents from here on. No time for those little bits of cleaning and such that makes a filthy home healthy and germ free- particularly when you have animals living inside alongside humans. Too busy with kids and work. So just leave off the grime cleaning and the pet hair removal- just exist and skate over the surface- when you have time. Yes, and I understand the reasons for it, they were overburdened and overwhelmed. And I watched all this and I said nothing. Ain't I a saint? Funny thing is though they somehow thought they had improved my place. Weird how people see things isn't it? I didn't say anything because I thought well they are family and they have been through a really hard time and i should just let them be. Aren't I a wonderful and sensitive brother?

All this until one day. I was up painting out the gallery in an attempt to improve something on my poor neglected property. I happened to enter the laundry for something. This was a difficult feat to achieve because it was stacked to the roof with their mountain of dirty washing. There on the floor is my favourite jumper- a rather expensive jumper- really my only expensive jumper - and there on the middle of my jumper which lay there on the filthy floor was a huge steaming dog's poop. Right there smack in the middle of my beautiful jumper!!! Can you picture it? A huge curly piled up high stinking - dog shit there on my favourite jumper. I ask you; is this not at the very least mildly insulting?

I immediately swallowed much anger several million times and alerted my sibling who looked at me as though I was making a mountain out of a molehill. No apology of course. Shit happens---literally. It will be washed off- no harm done.

So then I starts to really notice the lack of regard for my things. Also in the laundry I notice one of my humble possessions. In an attempt at improving the look of my poor kitchen in my poverty struck state I had purchased some lovely little orange ( my favourite colour) cushions for the kitchen chairs. It had been tossed into a basket and there was some sort of vomit looking substance with dark soya sauce looking blobs all over it. This was something I just noted and thought Hmmmm as one does when not knowing how to respond to something rather disturbing that they have just seen. Hmmm-------

Then I start to look a little more. In the back room near the laundry they had stored an old style couch. Draped over it for protection was a most beautiful doona cover. My beautiful doona cover. My expensive bejewelled doona cover that cost me $250. I bought it as a celebration when I first got with my girlfriend so we would feel special in our bed. you know- a bit of a romantic and exorbitant thing? It was worth more than the thing it was protecting- but hey, it served the purpose when you don't give a shit about another person's belongings. To add insult their cat loved get up on this perfect position so there was fur all over it. Again I swallowed a million angry voices and commented that I thought that was not really the go with my things. And again I was informed that I was making a mountain out of a molehill and that a good wash was all that was needed. The emphasis was more to do with- you shouldn't get so pissed off old fellah- it means nothing to me so why should it mean something to you? Because it is my things getting fucking trashed that's why!!!!!!

So over the next few weeks phone calls are being made ( and discussions behind my back etc) as to how angry I am and how no-one can understand why. It's as if I had no rights whatsoever. All was rosy in the garden you old idiot. Calm down. So okay- I did. Aren't I enlightened? I didn't do any meditating yet I was able to summon calmness. I was calm. Right. And everything went quiet from my side at least but obviously not from the tenants side. It was as busy as ever. It was growing a festering scorn directed fairly and squarely at me. It was coming like a slow train. They were waiting for me to dare to step out of line again and they had both barrels locked and loaded and pointing in my direction. Ready.

Little did I know.

to be continued...............................................................

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I believe I am intelligent.

I was reading an article in New Scientist last week on the falling credentials of possessing a high IQ. I was so happy to read this because I am fairly underwhelming in that area. Well. I'm OK but certainly not brilliant. I just do a lot of thinking and blurt out my simple opinions as a result of it.

There is a new kid on the block in terms of testing a person's intelligence. It is the RQ as against the IQ. RQ measures a persons rationality. In other words how useful a persons IQ is in the real world is put to the test. Because as we know; a lot of very smart people are absolutely useless in the real world. They make the most ridiculous and stupid decision and are incompetent at many simple and practical day to day things. But their IQ is off the charts. Get it?

My intelligence is kinda average if it were measured. I know, to many people, I come across as pretty bright. I receive many comments on how clever people think I am. Well it's all very nice but I am exposing myself here. My intelligence is much like my penis. Average. But my intelligence, also much like my penis, is all to do with how I use it. Most of the time it's used for the mundane tasks of the world but every so often it rises and becomes rather impressive in the results it achieves. It spits out some very impressive stuff and whosoever experiences its actions feels most impressed.

I think this happens because I have a rather well developed sense of what feels good. Plus I have the sensitivity of an artist and thus able to apply it with quite some degree of skill. The effect is very pleasing particularly to the recipient of my endeavours.

So girls. Forget the vampires! We illusionists are the best. We are average in the intelligence but high in the rational. Forget the over the top passionate types. The more rational a man is the better he is in bed. I think! Or---- I like to think!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spreading the word.

We notice that the Church ( ha ha ha ha ) of Scientology is under the hammer in Australia. It is time to give it a good ol' one two in the kisser. It's a tax evasion scam- so obvious. But the whole thing with the mere existence alone of this "religious" organization simply demonstrates how stupid we all are.

I'm in a religious organization myself though. A religion with a following of one. Me. It's a bit lonely I agree. But it works for me. I am the holder of the absolute truth you see.

And this is in a nutshell;

Life is just one dirty dish after another.

This truth is not as lightweight as it may first appear to be. If you really think about it deeply you will understand that it is the truest statement you will ever read. This being the case you can then go ahead and spend the rest of your life examining and spreading the word about this ultimate truth until you are finally able to cause it to become untrue and irrelevant. Then there will never be any dishes to do in this reality. This is my dream. A life without dishes. And this is why I look forward to death. Lying there peacefully under the ground with never a dirty dish in sight. Yes. There is a heaven.

you see? My religion is full of benefits and happy outcomes. Unlike all those others out there. Mine is real.

Sadly I try to spread the word and give the truth to everyone but no-one appears to be listening. They are all too busy with their raising from the dead stuff and heaven and hell wars and all that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

One liners

I would love to be a person who can come up with the one liner in any situation. Instead I am caught being the most wordy person I know. I'm full of 'em as shown here.

The one line response is a perfection all of its own. I note today that there is some geek trying to design a computer chip that has just one perfect instruction aimed at it- the perfect one liner for a machine to make it do everything faster than all those before it. Beautiful!

I also noted the recent review of the latest Twilight movie rubbish ( God help me- I will have to endure it within the next few days). In it the reviewer comes up with the perfect one line as to why it appeals to teens. I quote: the acting is more about pregnant pauses and not making eye contact and----- [The dialogue is mostly about not finding the words]---- perfection!!! The perfect comment about all to do with the teen.

[The dialogue is mostly about not finding the words] The perfect one liner to describe the teenager's way of communication.

Unfortunately for many people, it stays this way. But I suspect it's not that they are deep and intriguing it's more they simply can't express themselves. Or rather are too stupid to express themselves, or too lazy to express themselves, or too lacking in honesty and openness, or too fucked up on drugs or booze, or --------- or they never really grew up.

I've changed my mind. I like being wordy.

Post script:

Oh yeah. And the other thing that makes Twilight so popular with the teens- It is all about self absorbed wants and needs. So it makes it all perfectly normal and acceptable to want what you really can't have and the whole thing is about how the vampire lover boy thinks only of the self absorbed girl. This is perfect for the co-dependant style of relationship all teenage girls wish to have. It's a shame I think so negatively of teens isn't it? It's probably because I was one of them a long time ago and I didn't like teenage years and I didn't like myself then.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why didn't I see it?

Wisdom is a hindsight based skill. We move always forward of course, in this tyrannical reality of living under the rule of time. I was just sitting here reading about the Apple computer guy, Steve Jobs. He is about the same vintage as me. He is very successful, very influential, very wealthy and I am not any of these things. Yet I grew up in the same times as he did. I saw the same things but I did not see the same thing. I did not see the prospects and potentials of things around me. I suffered what most of us suffer- shortsightedness.

Its sad isn't it? We are held to be just plain ordinary cogs-in-the-wheel types by simply one failing. Shortsightedness. Well that and lots of dishes of course.

Break ups- part 2

I haven't suffered through many break ups in my life. If I was to think about how many, the number is 3. By comparison, I know a woman who has been married 8 times.

The first was my first love at age 18. It was my first experience of the pain. It was unexpected because I had never endured that kind of emotional hurt before. It hurt more than it should have because of that. I had only gone out with that particular person for around a year and we never actually had intercourse so it was far more light weight than later in life. But it still hurt somewhat.

The second was after 6 years of marriage to my first wife. But again It wasn't a really heavy duty hurt that I experienced. It was more of an insult. I think this is because I remember two weeks after we were married, I was sitting in the kitchen and the thought came to me that I may have just made a mistake in marrying this woman. The reason being that I really didn't love her and I thought I had stupidly just gone along for the ride with the whole thing.

The third was to my recent wife of 24 years. Now this was the doozy. It hurt like hell and still does to a degree. You see, I had to work at it to finally get some good quality hurt in my life. I had a long run of lack of emotional hurt and it was my turn. I had tried for many years. I had done all the right things. I drank excessively. I preferred the company of my mates instead of hers. I was messy and controlling. Goodness. I gave it my best shot but she went ahead and hung on in there. Unbelievable.

After 24 years hard work I was finally satisfied in 2005. I was finally able to experience real emotional hurt and it felt great. You see. Sometimes we can be asleep emotionally and not even know it. In our search for soft landings, comfort and security we can weigh anchor in some safe port away from the rough seas. But in so doing we risk putting ourselves to sleep with the safe boredom of it all.

I don't feel bored at all now. I have been shaken and stirred and I feel really alive. I no longer crave security of that safe relationship. Fuck it! If it's there- it's there. But I don't really need to seek it out so hungrily. All this because I experienced the true power of having my guts well and truly kicked in. From this you can see--- breaking up is one of the best things that can happen to a person. I recommend that all you out there currently in a happy relationship go ahead, right now and break up. You will really get something wonderful out of the whole exercise.

It's a funny little thing called freedom. Freedom that only comes from stopping your needy little ways. It is those who are in a relationship because of need who are the least free and unfortunately------------

Everyone is needy. Consequently there is no real freedom people. Just need.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why boys are turning into girls

Answer Here

I knew it. All these pretty girls are with pretty boys because there are no "real men" around anymore. Just look at that poor excuse for a vampire who all the Twi-hard girlies think is so stunningly attractive. He's a pussy!

And hey. Maybe this is why I like to crochet. Environmental pollutants makes me do it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Break ups- part 1

This is a really complex subject and may take lots of posts to work my way through so I have made it a multi-parter. I will write on it as I get the ideas from time to time in the future.

Oh. By the way; several months ago I told you I knew the meaning of life. So ok I will disclose it here because it sort of ties in. I have kept you waiting long enough.

There is a creator. Maybe He likes to play golf. Maybe we are His golf balls. He swats us around in this reality whether we like it or not. Forget free will- it's an illusion. And nothing shows this more than the subject of this post- relationships- destinies at play. It sure enough seems like it to me.

My girlfriend's daughter has just announced she is or rather maybe breaking up with her long term (as a proportion of her age) childhood sweetheart. Yes I know- A very sad event for these young people. Yawn! Oops! Where's my sympathy? Come on overthinking man- don't lose it!

My own daughter recently broke with her long term partner and I have recently broken with my long term wife of 24 years so events like this really hit a raw nerve with me. They really get me thinking. Overthinking in overdrive. It's time for the overthinking man to put up a post on the relationship thing.

Relationships are the biggest source of people's interest in all of life. For many people it's what life is all about and to others if its not what it is all about it sure still rates as number one ahead of the other things. Like my uncle used to say: We are hatched, matched and dispatched. That's really all there is so the matched thing is what exists between life and death.

So. We have established that it is the finding and being in a relationship that is all important to us. No dispute- we all gotta agree on that don't we? Priests and monks etc. don't count. They are just plain weirdos. Right?

Now this is where I get controversial. Being with someone is like being on the edge of a precipice looking down whilst the earth around you is shaking. So here's the contradiction: We seek a partner for emotional security whereas in fact we are lining up for the most insecure state of existence we could ever be in. Get it?

Now. I know the reason for this insecurity. Inside of all of us is a switch. It switches on and off with or without reason. We have no control over it. It is the love switch- whatever love is of course. No-one knows.

How do I know about this love switch thing? Well I have witnessed it over and over throughout my 57 years. It has been much more obvious in women than men though. The emotional makeup of women is totally weird. One moment she is all over a bloke- can't get enough of him. He is the centre of her universe. He can do no wrong. He is her Heaven. The switch flips. It is all over. The feeling is gone. She doesn't know why. She doesn't know why she was with him in the first place. He was totally wrong for her. She doesn't understand what she saw in him. She has awoken from her sleep. She is moving on. No reason in particular. But we know the reason don't we? The switch has flipped.

There is no sense or reason to any of our existence when it comes to relationships. We are either in one or not in one. Forget the in between thing that's just a shade of grey.

Now this is where I get really acidic in my dissertation. Burn baby burn!

If you're plain, ugly or fat or whatever it is that makes us less attractive to the opposite sex, you are in for a peaceful and orderly life. It won't be interrupted by the comings and goings of relationships very often and if it is you know that your partner must really love you because looks don't come into it. Or if you find yourself 50 and over and alone then you can relax into an uninterrupted single life in the main. ( Of course you won't be happy because we never are and the thing we don't have is always the thing we want but that is a whole other post). See. When you hit this stage the attractiveness thing is dead. its best to stop kidding yourself that you still got it etc and just do something else with your life other than chasing partners and stuff. Well this is how it should work anyway but it doesn't because we still think we need to be in a relationship even though we are no longer in the reproduction race.

So why do I say it is best to jettison the relationship thirst? Well, I guess the flattened emotional existence of perpetual singledom and the associated lack of need or concern that we will be disturbed by the machinations of flirtation and wooings can be seen as the cause of a lonely but relaxed state of mind. One can get on with other things. But if you are anything like me and everyone else- your switch will probably flip and you will fall again. That bloody switch!!!!

So in this little post we have discussed the basis of the switch. Maybe at some future time I will go into other deep and useful observations concerning the human condition. In the final analysis however the purpose for all this running around seeking relationships thing is------------------ we gotta do something whilst we are awaiting the next load of dishes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Attention deficit

I called this blog spot overthinking because I thought that's what I in fact did. But I think that I have a condition. I may have what many people have. Attention deficit. And what do I mean by this?

Well in the old days we used to refer to it as attention span. This was either good or poor. These days we are in a state of permanent distraction which causes symptoms very much like attention deficit. We constantly look to finding some thing that we are looking for which is always some thing which is not where we are at the time we are looking for that some thing and then as we go along we are in a perpetual state of not remembering what it was that we were looking for in the first place. Is it any wonder some end up throwing in the towel and allowing their minds to collapse into a state of confusion and memory loss?

Some people try to hold control of what is being looked at or spoken of at the time. You can see the fear in their eyes if you move a subject along in a direction that they either are not wanting it to go or are not ready to go. They try and hold their mind together and yours at the same time. This makes for a very one sided experience when you talk to them and is totally frustrating in the end. One simply stops listening. But the funny thing is---they don't even notice.

And what about all those teenagers? We may have been the same when we were young but hey, I'm doing the observation and report here so get over trying to distract with the ol' we- used- to- do- that thing. That doesn't change the fact that teenagers have problems doing a solitary task and must do as many as possible at the same time and then crow about their ability to multi-task. But the thing is the results of all their multi tasking is always and without fail ordinary results for every task. But no-one seems to notice because they are so blinded by their brilliance at being able to do so many ordinary things badly at the same time. So they can also stuff off with the I- can- go- faster- than- you- old- fart thing. I don't find it impressive. I find it young and stupid. I am yet to be impressed by any young persons ability to turn out something really beautifully put together. Everything they do is ganked off the internet and abbreviated to the max. Quick is not good.

So teenagers reject the "live in the now" because it is too slow. As result they frantically get out of bed in the morning ( midday for most of them)-- some are so frantic they actually get up early and these are the real worked-up ones (poor dears). Then it occurs to them- the what- am- I going- to- do- today? and in comes one million ideas all of which they wish to do all at the same time because they have no ability to choose. They have no patience. They have no attention span. They are bored just thinking about it and just want to do do do do do do do. Get it?

This is what rushing is all about. This is why the young never do the dishes. They cherry pick all the time and only choose things that have no quotient of boredom within them.

Still. All this grand observation doesn't help me. It just makes me exhausted being anywhere near them. I think I like being a slow and senile old fart. It's so relaxing and occasionally something really good is produced from living that way. Well. Like this enlightening post for instance.

Stuff I write

If you reckon my posts are boring, confronting, ordinary, silly or simply over your head or all of these things plus confusing then you should see the stuff that never gets published. A lot of it is stuff that would really get me into trouble I tell ya. I've kept a lid on it people! Really I have. See? I'm really a responsible person. I'm not really that insensitive old grouch that my style of posts may have you believe. I'm simply as mixed up as anyone else; battling through to get a handle on things. You know; giving it a shot in the unravelling of meaning in the tedious crap associated with the day to day. And really I'm too gutless to let it out to that degree.

That's my slant on it and by the lack of comments here, I'm guessing it's all yours as well.

Hey- It's Friday the 13th. My lucky day. Maybe I should let some of them out.

No. Too scared people would hate me. I'm a wimp.


Everyone craves acceptance. This is why everyone panders to the bullshit that comes out of the mouths of others. One is on top of the popularity stakes if they go along with the things said around them. Go with it and you are the dream friend, partner, ally or whatever.

Religion's an interesting case though. If one goes along with the bullshit within the belief you are in. If you don't, well you are just a sinner who has lost their way. Now, when I write off belief as bullshit I am being very rude and disrespectful aren't I? I will never be popular amongst church goers that's for sure. I won't be accepted. Nooo----- Oh yes I will! They see acceptance of those who think they are full of shit as a challenge that God has placed on their plate. And if they work hard enough they will be able to convert the poor soul before it is too late. How can they accept that? How can they accept anything? Everything is a true mystery so I can't. Everything seems to demonstrate that there are no hard and fast rules or that we can't expect anything beyond death. yet many of us accept myths and legends that hold us safely to a notion that there is something beyond. Beyond. Beyond and to the stars---infinity-- don't you go misty eyed? Don't you just drift off at the thought of it? Eternity------- say it---- eternity---- now do it trailing off with a far away look in your eyes. Now that's what I call-----------Acceptance.

We really know jack shit about what goes on around us-- we just accept. It's all we do. We dress it up in elaborate belief structures and opinions. But all we can do in the end is accept. Like death. We don't like the thought that we die but we can only accept.

Don't you feel sort of deflated and defeated by this? All pumped up one minute; thinking you are master of your own destiny, in control, a mover and shaker, busy being busy. Then you realize. We have no real power. We just accept everything that goes on around us.

Well I'm not. I'm jumping off. I've had it. I'm going to be different. I'm not just going to roll over and accept my lot in life. I'm going to go and wash some dishes. So there!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Movember

I have a Mo. This is my month and it's over my mouth. See what changing one letter in a word can do? Talk about trivia!! Have people got nothing better to do than find silly little ( and the emphasis is on little) things to put up to the world.

I have been guilty yet again of reading the status updates on Facebook. I can see the addiction that we all suffer now in this wonderful age of the internet. I suffer it as bad as anyone of course. But really!!!!-----!!! These people who air their laundry to all and sundry must learn. If you're gonna put up your shit- at least make it some kind of illusion that it means something. I do it here. It is a struggle-- but at least I try to be original and humorous. I try!

But these people who just want to feed out the shit, just to let it out- coz no-one in their home is listening to them probably - Well, they really haven't understood the internet- no one really cares out there and if you put it out you yourself end up wearing it. The reason is that there are some very clever people in the world. In fact there are a lot of very clever peole in th world. And if your shit is just shit instead of clever shit--- well you know-- you end up in the shit yourself- the shit that you are trying to spread is the shit you yourself are in-- and it becomes so obvious to everyone that they look at you as an absolute shit covered jerk. Get it?

And in the end, the really clever people out there fling even more shit back at you and because they are clever their shit really sticks. And even if you don't see it online- offline everyone is calling you a jerk who is just a shit stirrer full of their own shit. Do you want that?

I don't. So when I spread shit I make sure it's not too direct. It has the focus a bit blurred so I can run and hide if things go pear shaped with anyone who is stupid enough to read my stuff. See how convoluted this post is for instance. It makes no real sense at all. It's just me rattling those keys again- just for something to do whilst I fill in my time here on planet Earth.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New PC

I have a new PC. I bought it a few days ago. Oh! I have an old PC- sorry- my mistake.