Friday, November 13, 2009


Everyone craves acceptance. This is why everyone panders to the bullshit that comes out of the mouths of others. One is on top of the popularity stakes if they go along with the things said around them. Go with it and you are the dream friend, partner, ally or whatever.

Religion's an interesting case though. If one goes along with the bullshit within the belief you are in. If you don't, well you are just a sinner who has lost their way. Now, when I write off belief as bullshit I am being very rude and disrespectful aren't I? I will never be popular amongst church goers that's for sure. I won't be accepted. Nooo----- Oh yes I will! They see acceptance of those who think they are full of shit as a challenge that God has placed on their plate. And if they work hard enough they will be able to convert the poor soul before it is too late. How can they accept that? How can they accept anything? Everything is a true mystery so I can't. Everything seems to demonstrate that there are no hard and fast rules or that we can't expect anything beyond death. yet many of us accept myths and legends that hold us safely to a notion that there is something beyond. Beyond. Beyond and to the stars---infinity-- don't you go misty eyed? Don't you just drift off at the thought of it? Eternity------- say it---- eternity---- now do it trailing off with a far away look in your eyes. Now that's what I call-----------Acceptance.

We really know jack shit about what goes on around us-- we just accept. It's all we do. We dress it up in elaborate belief structures and opinions. But all we can do in the end is accept. Like death. We don't like the thought that we die but we can only accept.

Don't you feel sort of deflated and defeated by this? All pumped up one minute; thinking you are master of your own destiny, in control, a mover and shaker, busy being busy. Then you realize. We have no real power. We just accept everything that goes on around us.

Well I'm not. I'm jumping off. I've had it. I'm going to be different. I'm not just going to roll over and accept my lot in life. I'm going to go and wash some dishes. So there!

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