Friday, November 13, 2009

Attention deficit

I called this blog spot overthinking because I thought that's what I in fact did. But I think that I have a condition. I may have what many people have. Attention deficit. And what do I mean by this?

Well in the old days we used to refer to it as attention span. This was either good or poor. These days we are in a state of permanent distraction which causes symptoms very much like attention deficit. We constantly look to finding some thing that we are looking for which is always some thing which is not where we are at the time we are looking for that some thing and then as we go along we are in a perpetual state of not remembering what it was that we were looking for in the first place. Is it any wonder some end up throwing in the towel and allowing their minds to collapse into a state of confusion and memory loss?

Some people try to hold control of what is being looked at or spoken of at the time. You can see the fear in their eyes if you move a subject along in a direction that they either are not wanting it to go or are not ready to go. They try and hold their mind together and yours at the same time. This makes for a very one sided experience when you talk to them and is totally frustrating in the end. One simply stops listening. But the funny thing is---they don't even notice.

And what about all those teenagers? We may have been the same when we were young but hey, I'm doing the observation and report here so get over trying to distract with the ol' we- used- to- do- that thing. That doesn't change the fact that teenagers have problems doing a solitary task and must do as many as possible at the same time and then crow about their ability to multi-task. But the thing is the results of all their multi tasking is always and without fail ordinary results for every task. But no-one seems to notice because they are so blinded by their brilliance at being able to do so many ordinary things badly at the same time. So they can also stuff off with the I- can- go- faster- than- you- old- fart thing. I don't find it impressive. I find it young and stupid. I am yet to be impressed by any young persons ability to turn out something really beautifully put together. Everything they do is ganked off the internet and abbreviated to the max. Quick is not good.

So teenagers reject the "live in the now" because it is too slow. As result they frantically get out of bed in the morning ( midday for most of them)-- some are so frantic they actually get up early and these are the real worked-up ones (poor dears). Then it occurs to them- the what- am- I going- to- do- today? and in comes one million ideas all of which they wish to do all at the same time because they have no ability to choose. They have no patience. They have no attention span. They are bored just thinking about it and just want to do do do do do do do. Get it?

This is what rushing is all about. This is why the young never do the dishes. They cherry pick all the time and only choose things that have no quotient of boredom within them.

Still. All this grand observation doesn't help me. It just makes me exhausted being anywhere near them. I think I like being a slow and senile old fart. It's so relaxing and occasionally something really good is produced from living that way. Well. Like this enlightening post for instance.

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