Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I believe I am intelligent.

I was reading an article in New Scientist last week on the falling credentials of possessing a high IQ. I was so happy to read this because I am fairly underwhelming in that area. Well. I'm OK but certainly not brilliant. I just do a lot of thinking and blurt out my simple opinions as a result of it.

There is a new kid on the block in terms of testing a person's intelligence. It is the RQ as against the IQ. RQ measures a persons rationality. In other words how useful a persons IQ is in the real world is put to the test. Because as we know; a lot of very smart people are absolutely useless in the real world. They make the most ridiculous and stupid decision and are incompetent at many simple and practical day to day things. But their IQ is off the charts. Get it?

My intelligence is kinda average if it were measured. I know, to many people, I come across as pretty bright. I receive many comments on how clever people think I am. Well it's all very nice but I am exposing myself here. My intelligence is much like my penis. Average. But my intelligence, also much like my penis, is all to do with how I use it. Most of the time it's used for the mundane tasks of the world but every so often it rises and becomes rather impressive in the results it achieves. It spits out some very impressive stuff and whosoever experiences its actions feels most impressed.

I think this happens because I have a rather well developed sense of what feels good. Plus I have the sensitivity of an artist and thus able to apply it with quite some degree of skill. The effect is very pleasing particularly to the recipient of my endeavours.

So girls. Forget the vampires! We illusionists are the best. We are average in the intelligence but high in the rational. Forget the over the top passionate types. The more rational a man is the better he is in bed. I think! Or---- I like to think!

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