Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Movember

I have a Mo. This is my month and it's over my mouth. See what changing one letter in a word can do? Talk about trivia!! Have people got nothing better to do than find silly little ( and the emphasis is on little) things to put up to the world.

I have been guilty yet again of reading the status updates on Facebook. I can see the addiction that we all suffer now in this wonderful age of the internet. I suffer it as bad as anyone of course. But really!!!!-----!!! These people who air their laundry to all and sundry must learn. If you're gonna put up your shit- at least make it some kind of illusion that it means something. I do it here. It is a struggle-- but at least I try to be original and humorous. I try!

But these people who just want to feed out the shit, just to let it out- coz no-one in their home is listening to them probably - Well, they really haven't understood the internet- no one really cares out there and if you put it out you yourself end up wearing it. The reason is that there are some very clever people in the world. In fact there are a lot of very clever peole in th world. And if your shit is just shit instead of clever shit--- well you know-- you end up in the shit yourself- the shit that you are trying to spread is the shit you yourself are in-- and it becomes so obvious to everyone that they look at you as an absolute shit covered jerk. Get it?

And in the end, the really clever people out there fling even more shit back at you and because they are clever their shit really sticks. And even if you don't see it online- offline everyone is calling you a jerk who is just a shit stirrer full of their own shit. Do you want that?

I don't. So when I spread shit I make sure it's not too direct. It has the focus a bit blurred so I can run and hide if things go pear shaped with anyone who is stupid enough to read my stuff. See how convoluted this post is for instance. It makes no real sense at all. It's just me rattling those keys again- just for something to do whilst I fill in my time here on planet Earth.

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