Saturday, November 28, 2009

Most of what we say is just noise

I have put up so many posts now that the underlying message I have to give is finally shining through.

The message is: I have nothing to say.

All of our words have little purpose. Like the background noise from space they are simply vibrations in time. The words I refer to are those various opinions we air daily. Such as those I write here; it's all just chatter.

Lets be real. Who really listens? Who really reads? We are all putting up our opinions and basically ignoring or at the very least giving little attention to anyone else's opinion. Oh unless it in some way attacks our person-then we are at it big time.

The climate debate is a classic example of what a waste of time debate is. Nothing gets done because we are too busy debating each other. It's the same in our simple daily lives. although it may not appear that we are indulging in open debate every day -we are. We are constantly debating. We read something and then we have to process it- do we agree or disagree- then why do we agree or disagree- all this is done internally all the time all day long.

I look at all those facebook junkies and twitter twits- they go with the public show. I go with it here. But its all worth nothing. It's just noise. noise that occurs around events.

So what kinds of noise are important.

Well if the building is burning Fire!!! is a good word.

For me: What about a bit of nooky is about the most useful and rewarding thing I would say in my day. But only if I get it of course!

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