Friday, November 20, 2009

One liners

I would love to be a person who can come up with the one liner in any situation. Instead I am caught being the most wordy person I know. I'm full of 'em as shown here.

The one line response is a perfection all of its own. I note today that there is some geek trying to design a computer chip that has just one perfect instruction aimed at it- the perfect one liner for a machine to make it do everything faster than all those before it. Beautiful!

I also noted the recent review of the latest Twilight movie rubbish ( God help me- I will have to endure it within the next few days). In it the reviewer comes up with the perfect one line as to why it appeals to teens. I quote: the acting is more about pregnant pauses and not making eye contact and----- [The dialogue is mostly about not finding the words]---- perfection!!! The perfect comment about all to do with the teen.

[The dialogue is mostly about not finding the words] The perfect one liner to describe the teenager's way of communication.

Unfortunately for many people, it stays this way. But I suspect it's not that they are deep and intriguing it's more they simply can't express themselves. Or rather are too stupid to express themselves, or too lazy to express themselves, or too lacking in honesty and openness, or too fucked up on drugs or booze, or --------- or they never really grew up.

I've changed my mind. I like being wordy.

Post script:

Oh yeah. And the other thing that makes Twilight so popular with the teens- It is all about self absorbed wants and needs. So it makes it all perfectly normal and acceptable to want what you really can't have and the whole thing is about how the vampire lover boy thinks only of the self absorbed girl. This is perfect for the co-dependant style of relationship all teenage girls wish to have. It's a shame I think so negatively of teens isn't it? It's probably because I was one of them a long time ago and I didn't like teenage years and I didn't like myself then.

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