Friday, November 13, 2009

Stuff I write

If you reckon my posts are boring, confronting, ordinary, silly or simply over your head or all of these things plus confusing then you should see the stuff that never gets published. A lot of it is stuff that would really get me into trouble I tell ya. I've kept a lid on it people! Really I have. See? I'm really a responsible person. I'm not really that insensitive old grouch that my style of posts may have you believe. I'm simply as mixed up as anyone else; battling through to get a handle on things. You know; giving it a shot in the unravelling of meaning in the tedious crap associated with the day to day. And really I'm too gutless to let it out to that degree.

That's my slant on it and by the lack of comments here, I'm guessing it's all yours as well.

Hey- It's Friday the 13th. My lucky day. Maybe I should let some of them out.

No. Too scared people would hate me. I'm a wimp.

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