Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spreading the word.

We notice that the Church ( ha ha ha ha ) of Scientology is under the hammer in Australia. It is time to give it a good ol' one two in the kisser. It's a tax evasion scam- so obvious. But the whole thing with the mere existence alone of this "religious" organization simply demonstrates how stupid we all are.

I'm in a religious organization myself though. A religion with a following of one. Me. It's a bit lonely I agree. But it works for me. I am the holder of the absolute truth you see.

And this is in a nutshell;

Life is just one dirty dish after another.

This truth is not as lightweight as it may first appear to be. If you really think about it deeply you will understand that it is the truest statement you will ever read. This being the case you can then go ahead and spend the rest of your life examining and spreading the word about this ultimate truth until you are finally able to cause it to become untrue and irrelevant. Then there will never be any dishes to do in this reality. This is my dream. A life without dishes. And this is why I look forward to death. Lying there peacefully under the ground with never a dirty dish in sight. Yes. There is a heaven.

you see? My religion is full of benefits and happy outcomes. Unlike all those others out there. Mine is real.

Sadly I try to spread the word and give the truth to everyone but no-one appears to be listening. They are all too busy with their raising from the dead stuff and heaven and hell wars and all that.

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